Business Spiritual Pollution

Spiritual Pollution: An Unseen Factor in Your Business Life

May 5, 2004

Emotions: to move out, stir, agitate

  • Pollute: to make foul or unclean; to taint; to contaminate
  • Intention: a stretching out or bending of the mind
  • Attention: the ability to give heed or observe carefully

Today a client asked why her business, and other businesses in the same field, had such a dramatic drop in sales this month. I was startled by my intuitive response. I saw a black cloud, originating in Iraq, moving over the eastern part of the United States, reaching Iowa. This cloud of black, with the quality of depression, will reach the West coast by the end of the week. We will call this cloud a spiritual pollution.

What is this pollution? It is a cloud of depression that was generated in Iraq by many people’s feelings of helplessness. We can all understand that, regardless of what our political opinions are about the war. Why did that pollution move over here? If you know about intention/attention as I teach it in my lectures, intention/attention causes that that is in your aura to be moved/conveyed to the aura of the person or place you are “paying attention” to. No doubt that Iraqis are paying a lot of attention to the United States.

It reminds me of a radio show I was on in December 2003. The host asked what my thoughts on the war in Iraq were. I answered that my interest and worry was about the potential for a type of “evil eye”, meaning that I felt, at that time, that the people of Iraq were probably angry at the United States and that as they paid “attention” to us, this anger would be sent to us via their attention. And that anger would affect and be detrimental to the health of our auras.  Now instead of the anger I was anticipating, we are getting “sent” the energy of depression and it appears it is affecting our businesses.

Law of Attraction in Business

Emotions are very real, even if they are not physically tangible. And they have a magnetic quality to them. That means that if you have unresolved emotional issues in your subconscious, inside your aura, lodged in organs in your body, or congested in your business locale, those emotions draw to them that same type of energy. If you have unresolved depression from your past, it is in your aura, and this will be drawn to you and you will be more depressed. If your business is depressed in sales, or the sales people, executives or workers are depressed due to work related issues or issues from home, then that pollution of depression will be drawn towards your business. Get the picture?