Cancer Flower Essences

Your Cancerous Mind

Flower Essence Formula


“Flower essences area subtle liquid extracts which are used to address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development and mind body health.” Flower Essence Repertory

This special formula developed by Frances Fox is based on her psychic research of the emotional and mental basis of cancer and what flowers could be used to release the energy of cancer from the cancer patient’ mind and aura.

The Frances Fox Cancer Formula addresses and releases these issues:

  • “Repressing of deep and hidden emotions, and denial of the “shadow” aspect of the personality”
  • “An acceptance of painful feelings which are hidden by a mask of cheerfulness”
  • “An acceptance of deep, repressed emotions which need to be honestly expressed”
  • “A holding back or denying of anger and strong emotions out of fear; over controlling of one’s emotions to appear “nice”
  • “A holding of tense emotions in the body”
  • “A resignation in the soul which depletes vitality”

Suggested Protocol:

Spray the formula around your body 3 times a day. Repeat the Purification Mantra as you spray: Please God help me with my intention to be cancer free now. Refer to the Pac Protocol for instructions on how to do the Intention Mantra.

We suggest you take a minimum of two twenty minute tub baths a week. Add the Cancerous Mind Formula by spraying it four times directly into the bath. As you are soaking for twenty minutes please do the PAC protocol.

These recommendations are not a substitute for responsible medical care.


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