Cancer Protocol: "To Do" List

Proposed New Medical Model

Cancer Protocol

To do list:

  • Find trauma that occurred 24-27 months prior to cancer diagnosis.

Psychic readings

  • of charkas
  • of body memory, especially in the  cancer tissues

Sketch energy bodies:

  • Sketch mental body and astral body
  • Sketch patients’ intention to live
  • Sketch intention to release anger and impotence issues
  • Review quality of life

Teach mantras:

  • Teach mantras for releasing cancer issue
  • Use Body Mapsbook to find issues at skin level

Flower essences:

  • Rage, impotence., helplessness, at whom?
  • Essential oils for rage and impotence

Review needs of your personality:

  • Review consciousness needs and issues
  • Review astrological needs and issues
  • Review cultural needs and issues

Blocks to this work

  • Addictions
  • Astrological blocks
  • Family, especially mate

Documents for client:

  • Mantras
  • Intention Prayer
  • Flower Essences information on specific essences
  • How to use flower essences
  • Essential oils information
  • How to use essential oils

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