Changes in Blood Due to Cell Phone Use?Live Blood Analysis and Electrosmog

Dr. Magda Havas tests her blood for any changes due to use of electronics

Please watch this video from a respected Canadian scientist, Magda Havas, on how your blood changes due to electronic radiation.

Frances: Predicting a 1,000% rise in cancer rates

Please know that as a psychic that can sometimes “see” the future, I am predicting that cancer rates will rise over 1,000% due to the fire element from electronics, particularly the microwave from wireless devices. This prediction was prior to knowing that the radiation from cordless phones, computers and cell phones changes the blood to formations that resemble a cancer formation.

Cancer due to electroaddiction

Electromagnetic radiation augments the fire element. Because of our electroaddiction, we now have too much of the fire element in our auras. Cancer is a disease caused by an excess of the fire element….