Chaos Or The Golden Age?

A Planetary Cycle is Coming to an End


March 23, 2006

A planetary cycle is coming to an end. Planet Earth will either take off into the Golden Age or spiral into another Atlantis. Which shall it be for you?

Why would I ask which shall it be for you? Because you have a choice, even though you probably do not know it. As humans we have been so victimized by lack of information and disinformation that we truly do not know who we are or what we are. We have become so defended against truth that we cannot distinguish between truth and lies. We have lied so much to ourselves we no longer hear ourselves.

We are masters.

We are masters. We have always been masters. Our Indigo children today are here to remind us of that. Yet we continue to doubt our mastery, we continue to doubt that we create the reality we see around us. At times it is easier to blame others or even ourselves, as if we could not, with a blink of our eyes, recreate a better future and a better “now”.

There is little time left

Yes this sounds like words, words with no meaning but listen, as there is little time left to know who you are. You are a God, though other Gods would tell you different. You are a master, though your masters would hide that from you. You are a king though other kings would deny it. But you do not believe in yourselves, you continue to hear what others want you to hear, and that leads you down the path of Atlantis, not the Golden Age.

Look inside of yourself. Who are you? Are you not a good, good soul that has always yearned for peace for yourself and others? Have you not deep inside wanted all to be well, including with your enemies? Yes, it you look closely enough, your ill will is simply a reaction covering fear. Look into that part of yourself that is beneath the emotions, that part of you that does create your reality.

Your emotional body leads you astray

Your emotional body leads you astray. Your mental body twists things in your head. It is your soul, your causal body that creates reality. Get past the emotions, don’t deny them. Get past the thoughts, don’t control them, and find your true self, the part of you that can find that path to the Golden Age. It is time, the time is now.

You are a master in disguise

Isn’t it time you became familiar with your energy bodies: your astral body with is your emotional body; your mental body which handles your thoughts while wrestling with your memory; your causal body which is your soul, where intention lies and reality is created. The time is now to know who you are: a master in disguise.