Collapse Of Time-Prophesy

Messages from the Dolphins

March 28, 2010

This is a conversation Frances had with Dolphins March 28, 2010 about time collapsing, which is also part of the  prophesy in the Bible about end times.

Frances: Hello my people, talk to me about the collapse of time as indicated in my horoscopes

starting March 29, 2010.

When humans started their cycle on this Planet Earth, there was no “time”. That

many seem strange and yet what is really strange is the “time” as you experience it.

Time is actually a block to a lot of information.

Frances: I can see that. I have a friend whose niece calls her “mom”, instead of aunt and when we checked, we found that the child was accurate, the aunt had been her mother in another lifetime….and her brother told his grandmother that she was his daughter….. all this in the last two weeks.

Those are simple examples of what the “collapse of time” will reveal. What may be not so interesting and a lot more difficult is when something contingent on time, such as mortgage payments, no longer has the framework of “time”.

And when a promise is made to do something that should take a lot of time and yet it takes no time at all because of the person’s intention

Frances: So it is not all bad.

On the contrary, the collapse of time and the ensuing chaos is a fabulous opportunity for you to get all in order in the space of a week! You will finish the 3 other books this week when at any other time in written human history, it would have been impossible!

Frances: Anything else we need to know?

Yes, the reason time will collapse is that it is no longer necessary. The Law of Intention and the Law of attraction will determine reality totally. In other words, Intention and the law of magnetic resonance, The Law of Attraction, have created realities within certain boundaries of time and space and others that we will not speak of.

Now the boundary of time will collapse, cease to exist, so that if you want to start and finish a book in a day, you can if you truly intend that.

Intention will determine everything. Intention will determine your reality now, not later. Intention will dominate everything.

Starting next week, one of the biggest blocks to you getting what you want now, now, which is the dimension of time, will cease to block your demand for “now”, now…

Frances: sounds like magic to me

Yes, this is the magic you spoke of when you told people that it would be easy to be magical. So learn to use your magic!

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