Create a Sacred Home

Create a Sacred Home Today

April 25, 2010
Fix your home and you control your reality

Your home is your ticket to controlling your destiny. This has been known for centuries. That is why even the quality of the land under your home is of critical importance.

Is your land an appropriate setting to raise a family or to launch a business? Those are questions you could ask the spirits of the land if you had trained your self in communicating with the spirit world. It is not too late, you can do it now

Learn how to strengthen your intentions for your life by learning to manage the energies of your home

Your home is an extension of your heart chakra. If your home is a mess, then the most important heart chakra, is a mess in some way. Fix your heart chakras, or easier still, fix your home and you control your reality.

Start with prosperity
Prosperity is a root chakra issue. So the flooring on your home needs to reflect prosperity or at least stability. It needs to shine if it is supposed to shine. It needs to be clean. It cannot, cannot have mildew. It needs the edges that abut with the baseboards to be clean, not full of dirt the broom did not reach.

It needs to be a clear passageway for the dwellers to move from room to room with out their being an obstacle course.

It needs to be able to accommodate all types of activities, from sleeping quietly to dancing furiously. If it is a wood floor where everyone needs to tiptoe around during the night, they it is inhibiting the natural flow of the sleep cycle. If you live in a high rise and cannot dance furiously because of the neighbor downstairs, they you are not supported in your need to have excess movement and fun.

How to improve your sex life by moving the energies in your home

You sex life is handled by the left wall of your home. It is ¾ of the way up the wall. That area is associated with your throat charka, which is the biggest block to sex today. The throat chakra is the chakra that handles communications. The addiction to cell phones and texting is exhausting the throat chakra and debilitating the sex chakra under the navel.

Three quarters of the way up the wall of your home, in each and every room, there is a wave of energy that influences your sex life. Take a tape measure and find that height in each room. And then meditate on the level of the room, particularly the room you are supposed to have sex in.

Now that you have found a comfort level with the vibration level in your home, mentally move that wave (3/4 up the wall of the room) down to the level of 2 inches below your navel. You have just given your chakras an adjustment, a healing!

Check and see how different you feel.

Now the crown chakra

Your crown chakra is associated with the top part of your ceiling and the roof of each room and of the house/building. The color of your crown chakra is often seen as lavender but truly the color is not as important as the quality of the energy that is near the ceiling of the rooms.

Go from room to room and check your bookcases. What is on the top shelf? Are there books that would diminish your faith in yourself and your ability to create a wonderful life in spite of the chaos of the world outside of your home? Make sure the books, objects and art that is close to your ceilings are supportive of a healthy crown chakra.