Creating a Good Reality In Spite of the Zombies

…a group who will slide into chaos and a group that will be “delivered”.

On March 10, 2010, the Dolphins informed us that the collective reality   on Planet Earth would cease to exist and that we will only live our individual realities:

The matrix is what holds the physical dimension and reality together. It creates order by obliging energy to flow systematically from one dimension to another. When it disappears, there will be total chaos.

While it is shrinking there will be increasing chaos. That is why it is so important that individuals learn to create their individual reality. Up till now there has been a collective reality as a backdrop to the individual reality. That collective reality is in the process of disappearing. ….

We do not need to speak of the oil spill that is changing the destiny of entire continents. What we want to remind you of is that all have predicted that in the “end times”, before we stumble into the Golden Age, mankind will divide into two groups, a group who will slide into chaos and a group that will be “delivered”. That is in the Bible, it is also in Mayan prophecies. The Dolphins also speak of the separation of realities.

Which group will you fall into?