Creating a Negative Reality

Images and Thoughtforms

Images hold an important place in our lives, as any marketing consultant will attest. Images are used by industry to get us to open our pocketbooks and pay money for something we did not need before we saw the attractive images of the advertisement. That same power can be used by you to create your intended reality.
Reality is created by energizing thought forms with attention and breath. In order to show you the power of images and your power over them, I need to tell you a story.
Years ago, I moved into a new home. It was on a property that was overgrown with trees and plants. The day of the move, I had friends over and we had a lovely time. When nighttime fell and all my friends left, however, I felt a sense of aloneness. It was pitch dark outside my windows, for the foliage overshadowed the streetlights. I went to bed thankful that I had a new dog called Smokie.
As I lay in bed, I felt uneasy and kept looking at the door to the room, which was to my right. Nothing there. I did that all night until I fell asleep. This happened several nights in a row, until I reminded myself that I am psychic. Obviously, there was something in the doorway; it was just in another dimension. I shifted my awareness so I could see that there was the body of a man in the doorway, but only half of a body! Wow – mystery solved! There was half of the spirit of a man at my bedroom door! I promptly fell asleep.
Night after night, I would be aware of something at the door, and night after night, I would look and then fall back to sleep, knowing what was keeping me anxious and assuming that spirit half body could not harm me. After several days of this, curiosity got the better of me. Why only half a body? What was that about? I held the intention to know why there was only half a body, and the answer was prompt and revealing.
The house I had moved into was previously occupied by a single woman. Her bed was in the same position as mine, as there was only one way to place a bed in that room. Her relationship to the doorway as she lay in bed was the same as mine. My claircognizance, the psychic skill of instantly knowing the why of something, told me that she lay in fear at night, imagining that a man would enter her room. She did this night after night, compulsively worrying about the possibility of a man entering that doorway.
But why only half of a body? The answer was fascinating. Her position on the bed only allowed her to see the bottom half of the doorway when she turned her head to see if there really was someone in the doorway! So she only created in her mind the half of the body that she could imagine would be in the doorway. Night after night, she held the image of a body – half of a body in the doorway – and night after night, her mind energized that thought form, giving it enough life that it became a spirit form. That spirit form had no life and it did not move because it did not have enough energy in it. If she had continued to energize the thought form/spirit form, she could have given it enough energy for it to have movement.
This was in incredible opportunity to understand what a thought form (also called a tulpa) is and how they are the basis for the creation of life, whether in this physical dimension or the other dimensions. I now more fully understand the power of thought; I understand the ability and the power of our mind to create and energize thoughts, moving them from a thought to a thoughtform and then if enough energy is put into them, into reality on the physical dimension.
What does this information mean to you? It means that you create your life even if you do not know it. You create it with your mind using images, thoughts and breath even if you do not have a good grip on your mind or your mind has a mind of its own that likes compulsive negative thoughts and creates negative thought forms.

Frances Fox, Psychic Investigator, is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows and has published two books, Your Matrix, Your Electric Body on the human electric system and its deterioration due to electrosmog, and The Gods Speak: Dolphin Wisdom Revealed. Her website, is about unseen factors in our lives. She produces a collection of purification products for the aura and the home, including Liberation Flower Essences to purify and guard against spirit influence and invasion.