Killing the Age of Aquarius


A new addiction is weakening our ability to create

The Age of Aquarius is an age of magnetic resonance that has created a new addiction, which may well kill off our civilization quicker than any other enemy we have, including global warming. Our addiction to the electromagnetic frequencies from numerous electronic devices may be our undoing. But before it “kills” our bodies it will destroy our ability to create by weakening our mind, our instrument for creating.

The New York Times had a front page story on Sunday, September 20, 2009, about our “plugged-in age” which stated that “the proliferation of personal computers, iPods, cell phones, game consoles and all the rest, amounts to the fastest growing source of power demand in the world.” According to the articles co-authors Jad Mouawad and Kate Galbraith, Americans on average now have about 25 electronic products in every household.

The power of images

It would be a great mistake to underestimate the power of the images, sounds and words that are transferred to our minds via electronic frequencies in influencing our destiny. Those images and more bring with them a vibration that may well be the opposite of what we would choose, if we understood that we have a choice.

Not so secret anymore

Our instincts have told us that the concepts in books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (Atria, 2006) are important in that we can create our reality, that what we think becomes real, and that we can increase our “creative” skills. Once we understand just how environmental influences can damage our mind (our instrument for creation) we can then make wiser choices for our daily living, energizing our ability to create the life we   intend.


Addictions to computers and the Internet are now widely recognized as being more common than previously known. I find some of the characteristics of addiction to the computer rather interesting as they “feel” like the addiction to the vibration and frequency of microwave from cell phones and wireless:

“…An overdeveloped sense of importance for the computer in ones life. Defending your right to use the computer as much as desired, regardless of the fact that people in your life are feeling left out and neglected. (denial of the problem and justification; not being able to hear or feel what the other people are saying regarding your computer behavior). A demonstrated “loss of control” when trying to stop or limit the amount of time on the computer. (Breaking promises to self or others. Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so).”


Before we move on to the next chapter on electrosmog, I want to mentally prepare you for the information you are about to receive. Once I understood that the “sickness” I was psychically seeing in children and adults was not caused by repressed emotions but by something in their environment, I was convinced people would immediately start making the necessary changes to combat this silent enemy. I was wrong. The majority of the people shut down and became overwhelmed that something in their environment, something that they put there, could actually be hurting them or their loved ones. Consider yourself fortunate to be receiving this information before this electrofog robs you of your mind and ability to create the life that you intend.

What is electrosmog?

Electrosmog is the invisible radiation from electronic devices, both wired and wireless. The radiating devices include cordless phones, cell phones, baby monitors, air conditioning units, pool pumps, electrical panels, meter boxes, routers, transformers, cell phone towers, microwave ovens and more.

The excess amount of radiation and close proximity of these sources is causing a destruction of our environment in the other dimensions and a destruction of our matrix. Our protective structures are literally breaking down. As a person who can “see” into the other dimensions, the breakdown is very evident. The router photo shows you what I can “see”. But scientists who cannot “see” the other dimensions yet, have completed the necessary experiments and documented the breakdown in DNA. They are alarmed enough to send their findings to their governments. The Bioinitiative Report and the Puerto Allegro Report are only two examples.

Personal responsibility

I need to add a personal note here. We should not blame those who have provided us with the convenience of electricity and electronic devices. It is we, the public that is responsible for wanting entirely too much comfort for our physical body. We demanded and we got the luxury of instant gratification in communications, protection against the elements and a coddling of our physical body that truly was excessive. To top it off, in this process of seeking the comforts of the physical body we became disconnected from the elements, the basis for true health. That being said, we should not allow industry to continue to feed our addiction to EMF’s while using “their own scientists” to reassure us that it is OK.

Electrofog has overwhelmed our instincts

I cannot stress it enough, it is of utmost importance that you develop and honor your natural instincts. Those instincts will guide you well during this time of rapid change, unparalleled technological development and the collapse of our business structure.

The ultimate “going green”: cutting back on electrosmog

We talk about “going green” and global warming and try to take responsibility for our prior lack of awareness and our rape of the planet. Yet in my intuitive opinion, electrosmog is going to kill our civilization faster than global warming. The number of people already disabled by electrosmog is but a small number compared to the “truth” about our addiction to frequencies that is killing our health and our minds.

Esoteric changes in consciousness

Perhaps your instincts have been telling you that something “weird” is going on when you look at people’s faces and see blank expressions, or when you interrupt someone who has been speaking on  a  cell  phone  and   you  notice  that  there appears to be something “pulling” him back to the phone call, regardless of who is at the other end.

The frequency of microwave has the ability to push human consciousness out of its cell, damaging the human need to be in the “now”. This new addiction to electromagnetic frequencies has many faces, one of which is the lessening of a human need for physical touch, physical contact and community and family gatherings, all of which have been diminished due to the excess use of the cell phone. My conclusion after observing the changes in the quality and texture of the etheric webbing see graphic is that electromagnetic frequencies have the ability not only to hurt our matrix, but to also destroy our mind. As our mind is what creates our reality, we are hampering our God like ability with electrosmog.

These are my conclusions as to what the radiation of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can do:

1.  Break down the texture of the webbing of your

matrix creating immune and health issues

2.  Destroys the protective matrix around you

3.  Cause learning disabilities

4.  Disrupts the electrical timing of any organs or electrical systems you have, such as your heart

5.  Decrease fertility

6.  Cause robotic behavior due to electroshock from microwave radiation, a type of electrofog

7.  Memory loss

8.  Decrease sex drive

9.  Causes social issues due to “shock” state, another symptom of electrofog

10. Sleep disturbances

11. Social dysfunctions that are blocking the energies of the Age of Aquarius, community, compassion for others, ability to communicate effectively and timely and more..[product id=”24″]