Electroaddiction: A Path to Self Destruction

Another Inconvenient Truth

An excerpt from Your Matrix Your Electric Body by Frances Fox

This book was supposed to focus on energizing and priming your electric energy body, your matrix. Yet, as I explored the issues facing it today, the book took a different direction. The new course was very uncomfortable and not what I intended but as a good detective, I went where the information lead me. The inconvenient truth is that both our planet and our bodies are being subjected to assaults because of our addiction to “instant gratification”. We already know about the global warming that is destroying planet earth.
Now we are again faced with another consequence of living without regard for the future of the planet or future generations. In looking at the other dimensions, it is obvious that our matrix, what gives us life on the physical dimension, is also headed towards extinction. Is there a common denominator in both issues?
Lets go back to what the psychic research said about the destruction of DNA due to electrosmog:
Fire is the only element that can cause DNA permanent damage.
Now lets look at a definition of global warming:
An increase in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in  the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.

The common denominator
Our matrix is being fried because of electromagnetic pollution; our planet is being fried because of pollution. The same issue, an excess of the fire element, is causing the same problem. Never did I imagine that the destruction of the matrix was part of the global warming issues. Now it is so obvious and simple, and yet we appear to be unable to get off the path of self-destruction.
I decided to update and publish this book which I had originally written years ago with the intention of helping parents understand their responsibility in nurturing and protecting their children’s matrix during development. Now that I have completed it, I am overwhelmed at the task ahead of us. It reminds me of a story a master I met years ago told me. He said Atlantis (the fabled city Plato wrote about) was destroyed because their technology had advanced far ahead of their ethics. That gap created the issues that overwhelmed their civilization.
It is not important whether Atlantis existed or not, what matters is that story may hold a piece of the puzzle to what is happening today: global warming on a planetary level and the overwhelming excess fire on the individual level. It has been our lack of knowledge as to what our conveniences can and are doing to our health that has allowed technology to overwhelm our development as a species.
The answer to how to stop the destruction of the matrix is simple: hold back technology until we truly understand and can manage it. Otherwise, we stand a chance of ending like the fabled Atlantis.[product id=”24″]