What are the psychological results of electroaddicted parents?

Radiation is  killing our minds


The Age of Aquarius, being an Age of Magnetic Resonance, has a new addiction, which may well kill off our civilization quicker than any other enemy we have, including global warming. Our electroaddiction, an  addiction to the electromagnetic frequencies of our numerous electronic devices may be the “death” of us. But before it “kills” our bodies it will “kill” our ability to create by weakening our mind, our instrument for creating. Do not underestimate the power of the images, sounds and words that are transferred to our minds via electronic frequencies to influence our destiny. Those images and more bring with them a vibration that can be the opposite of what we would choose, if we understood that we have a choice.

Radiating our children with our electroaddiction

Because radiation is unseen, we have been irresponsible in our use of devices while we wait for  industry driven/sponsored science, to “inform” us that maybe we should protect our children while we wait for the evidence to mount. There is plenty of evidence already in but the  industry sponsored “battle” is allowing those who are addicted to continue with their substance/device of choice…

The power of our mind in the Age of Aquarius

Our instincts have told us that the themes of the book The Secret are important: that we create our reality, that what we think becomes real and that we can do things to augment our “creating reality” skills. Excess electricity damages our mind, a two part energetic structure that will be covered in the book on Your Mental and Intentional Body. For now, lets widen the lens on who you are and look at your energy system and energy bodies.

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