Electroaddiction, Electrofog and Your Child's Memory

Erasing children’s memories

Much of our personality is a reaction to  what and where we have lived. Our experiences form a substantial part of our memories. If we do not have memories, we cannot be the person we would have been if we had memories.

Wonder why I am on this subject? Our children are erasing their memories with the radiation of  their  cell phones and hand held games. And we are erasing their memories with our cell phones, our routers, and  the cell phone towers that silently radiate our environments. The cordless phones next to our beds are also part of the problem.

Responsible use of electronics

The next time you use your cell phone, whether it is a call or a text message, remember,  our children cannot “remember” the way we did when we were young because their memories are being erased. I wonder what they will be like when they grow up?


It is critical that we all reduce the time we are being radiated by wireless frequencies. It is even more important that we protect children under 7 years of age (including time in uteri) from all radiations as their electric energy system is being formed in those years.