Electronics, chakras and kids

Your children’s habits influence their chakras

This is what is going on with your children who are allowed to use their cell phones and hand held games excessively. Believe it or not, this is pretty typical of teenagers today.

The sketch below is pretty typical for a teenager:

Electronics damage your child’ energy field

I am truly concerned when I sketch a child or young adult today. Too many of them have congestions of depression and and anger in places I have not witnessed before. Below is a sketch of a 13 year old. The congestions you see is pretty typical of  children who are allowed to use their cell phones and hand held games excessively.

1. The throat and heart chakra energy centers which govern the arms are heavily congested  and literally deteriorated  due to the excessive microwave radiation  from cell phones  and hand held, wireless electronic games

2. The hands, which are an extension of the heart and throat, are  damaged. In the future these children may  need the help of an orthopedic surgeon.

3. Their second chakra, which is their sexual energy center is damaged due to its connection to the damaged throat chakra. Whatever damages the throat chakra damages the sexual chakra. The black box, which indicates depression, is congesting the sexual chakra.

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