Standing In Line At Your Bank May Harm Your Bank Account

Catching an Energetic Plague at the Bank

Subtle energies may be destroying your ability to do business

Often it is a mission to get the business to success “in spite of” the subtle energies surrounding the business. This is due to the lack of awareness of the effects of the other dimensions, and how dramatically they influence business profitability. Often the business location is surrounded by others who are bankrupt or losing a grip on their market. Often the type of people visiting a business causes such a wave of bad energy that the business profits can be trashed by those energies. These are just two examples of the transference of subtle energies in your business that can be affecting your ability to be profitable.

Bad Energy Picked Up While Standing in Line at the Bank

For example, the last two times I stood in line at my bank, the wait was long. By the time I left the bank the first time, I was irritated and stressed. I assumed it was my reaction to being made to wait. A week later, I also had to wait in line. I noticed that as the minutes went by, I was getting agitated. I checked my thoughts, that litany of negative and fearful thoughts and emotions that often control our minds when we are not consciously in charge of our thinking we recommend point specific mantras to counteract the wandering mind while reinforcing profitable business energies)

Panic Attack

I was not using any of my mind relaxing techniques such as a mantra. I realized I was getting worried about whether I was spending too much money, whether I might run out of money, whether I was making bad business decisions…As the minutes went by I became more agitated, almost panic stricken.  I am fortunate to be OK financially at this time. I do not need to worry. Why was I getting so out of control?

I decided to “look” at what was going on in other dimensions. The diagnosis was simple, because I can “see” energies. My aura was feeding off of the congestion of negative thoughts and emotions left by hundreds of people who had stood in line at the bank. Because I was not tuned into those subtle energies, I felt the thoughts and emotions were my own. The result was such a level of insecurity that I left in a panic.

What is the point? This bank is in Miami, the capital of potential foreclosures and bankruptcies. Too many people stand in line in banks in Miami, worried sick about their bank accounts. And too many of us are absorbing these energies, identifying them as our own.

A “Silent” Mass Hysteria about Finances

We cannot call it mass hysteria because these energies are processed privately, in silence. And if I did not have the ability to “see” into the other dimensions, I would have gone back to the office convinced I had a financial problem. I would be ready to make decisions based on other people’s lack and not on my own prosperity.

Are these subtle energies affecting your ability to be clear in business?

How much is your financial fear based on your reality?  Or is it a result of the transference of subtle energies to your mind? How much of the down ward spiral of the economy is due to negative thoughts that are transferred to others, many others? And more specifically, are these subtle energies being picked up by your employees, influencing their ability to be positive and profitable?

Maybe business is not so bad, but just “feels” bad because of subtle energies you picked up standing in line at your bank?

Isn’t it time you learned more about these unseen, subtle factors in your business?

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