Erasing the energetic structure of your home: Electrosmog


Erasing the energetic structure of your home

I held a seminar in New York on how to purify your spaces. Part of the seminar consisted of sketching homes to see what might be hidden in other dimensions, blocking the clients from their intentions. Unfortunately with one client I could not “see” her home to be able to sketch it. It looked like the hand of the children who spend hours on microwave driven devices: the congestion of black depression was so thick I could not see what was beneath it! What should have been distinct lines that create protective boundaries were not visible to me.
I have never witnessed this before. Obviously the client asked what was going on, why was I scribbling black lines across her home. Instinctively I asked where she lived and she said gave the name of her neighborhood. I said, “Oh, close to downtown?” She said no, that she was blocks away. I opened up my computer and pulled up the map of the cell phone towers in her area and asked her to point out the location of her home. It was on the outer edges of an incredible congestion of cell phone towers. In other words she lived in a hotbed of microwave radiations from multiple towers, probably over 200 of them.  It was beyond electrosmog, it was sheer horror. My psychic hit: the energy boundaries of her home spaces were erased by the radiation from the cell phone towers.
I was even more horrified when I realized that she was pregnant! Today I am no longer holding back in recommending what I know is necessary. The client can make the decision as to whether they should follow my recommendations. I held back from telling her to move and move now! Truly, if the electrosmog is so overwhelming that it is literally “erasing” the energy boundaries of a home, there is nothing I can recommend that can make a difference. Getting away from the electrosmog is the first priority.

Take care of yourself first

The airlines instruct us on how to keep ourselves safe in case of emergencies. They tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then help others. I recommend the same today in relation to the emergency state of our environments due electrosmog: take yourself out of harms way and then take the time to educate and demand that changes be made by your child’s schools and your government.

Electrosmog is destroying the matrix of our homes

Our homes have energetic structures that contain energies that support or block the different areas of our life.  The study of the relationship between our spaces and our destiny is centuries old. It started with the study of geomancy and continues today in what is called Feng Shui. Until now I had never seen a living space that in the other dimensions had no boundaries. The matrix of the home had disappeared due to WiFi microwave radiation, offering no protection to the family that lived there.

Our electroaddiction,our desire to living conveniently. is going to destroy us

Is this where we are going? To an incredibly convenient future where we never lose a call, where there are no ”dead zones”, where we can always count on excellent reception?  What is the cost of this convenience? Do we have to accept electrosmog or can we perhaps demand that the other dimensions where these electromagnetic operate, be bound by the same type of laws that bound us on the physical dimension: Do no harm to others or the law will ensure there will be a price to pay.

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