Exhaustion makes your mind weak and weakens your intentions

I do not remember so many people being so tired in the eighties or in the nineties. Exhaustion appears to be at the level of a plague.  Unfortunately, exhaustion is not only “exhausting”, it also weakens the mind. Your life force, your ability to take advantage of or channel chi or prana or the force as in Star Wars, is deeply affected when you are exhausted, diminishing your ability to energize your intentions.

If exhaustion is an issue in your life today we suggest that you identify why you are exhausted. Is it an excess of electronic  radiation, is it a lack of quality of sleep, is it an excess of responsibilities? Or is it simply that you spend so much time indoors that you are missing some of the four elements? You might be pleasantly surprised to see how your exhaustion can be addressed by a walk in the park, a short nap on the lawn, on the grass, a day at the beach. You will notice that your level of depression also improves with contact with nature.

It is possible that you are also experiencing what many kids are going through today: your astral body is doing “something” while you sleep, leaving you exhausted the next day.

You can  use our Protection Collection for $100 (see below) to ensure your purification of the other dimensions of your home so your sleep will be more protected. . You may notice a better quality sleep and less tension. Call 1-800-651-6804 to order.

Exhaustion due to congested beds, bedrooms

Many people today are exhausted because their sleeping area has never been purified of their own compulsive thoughts and emotions that they recycle while waiting to fall asleep.  Often when I “read” a home for unseen energies, I find the bed is a hotbed of activity and I am not talking about sex! I mean congestions of depression and helplessness and also spirits. It is obvious this bedroom was never purified and the people who sleep there are not protected!

Remember, while you are sleeping your astral body (spirit) needs extra protection!

Protection Collection $100

call 1-800-651-6804 to order
Coconut Aromatherapy for spirits of the Planetary type

Orange Aromatherapy for the new vicious spirits entering Planet Earth since 12-21-2012. These are the spirits that are telling the kids at night that they are going to kill their parents and kill them

Tibetan Sacred Temple Music Cd, which changes the vibration of the space, causing negative spirits to leave

Mindful Mindstring Herbs, 2 a day, which strengthen the God Particles that make up the mindstrings and etheric body, strengthening the individuals ability to withstand the onslaught of negative thoughts, emotions and invasions of the spirit world


  1. Spray both Coconut and Orange aromatherapies in corners of room, bed and closet
  2. Put CD on very low
  3. Wear protective necklace
  4. Shower/tub bath before bedtime with bath salts
  5. No sweets or anything sugary, no liquor
  6. Only soft, sweet visuals from TV or books, nothing violent or fearful
  7. Some type of prayer or mantra such as:

                      Even though I am afraid, I love and accept myself

  1. Some protective statue, photo, artwork that reminds the child they are protected
  2. Salt lamp

Additional recommendation:

Labradorite Talisman necklace $22

Labradorite Talisman necklace, which has lithium and protects the neck against penetration and invasion. The neck chakra is where the galactic energies enter human beings. Those energies can be the Golden Age energies or invading energies. The Labradorite protects from the invading energies and spirits.