Sex and the 2012 Issue: Returning to God

Sex  and the 2012 Issue:

Returning to God

Conversation between Frances and the Dolphins. Her words are in bold, Dolphin opinions are in italics.

April 10, 2011

Definition of the word sex: to cut, divide

What is it that drove Eve and Adam out of the garden?  Sex.

Frances: No, taking the apple.


Frances: Explain, I don’t understand.

Adam was fine alone

With Eve he became adventurous

He explored outside of his comfort zone and both agreed to take the apple, which is the apple of knowledge (teacher/apple/information)

The apple represents a forward progress for humans; the apple represents the coming together of male and female, in bodies or in energies. In coming together a new level is reached and then more information is needed. It is as if you were limited to a small space. You need information about that space to live, to survive. If your space is made bigger, you need to explore to know more because chances are, that bigger space may be different, have different things. You must be awake and aware to observe as you venture into the new, bigger space so as to keep yourself safe and to learn what you need to be safe.

Adam and Eve took the apple to explore their space, the garden of Eden but that apple was premature as they were “not allowed” to venture out of that space because they did not have the knowledge yet of their space. They needed to first explore their own, new space and then take the apple and then more out in to a bigger space But the point is that together they ventured, and separately they would never have gotten out of their comfort zone. They would have overstayed the time they were supposed to stay in that one little, nice but little space, the Garden of Eden.

Together they can go further and separate they can more easily stagnate. That is the importance of sex.

Frances: I still don’t understand.

Sex is a coming together of two energies, male and female. It is the coming together of two brains, heavily left brain and heavily right brain. It is the coming together of two perspectives on life. It is a coming together of left hand, right hand, left side of the body, right side of the body. It is a coming together of give and receive, and more.

Sex corrects that most famous “cut” that God made when man arrived on the Planet. Sex corrects the division between male and female energies, regardless of what bodies they run through. Sex is very important to human evolution because until that most famous “cut” is corrected, there will be no return to God.