Find how many cell phone towers near you?

Locate all the cell phone towers and antennas radiating in your neighborhood

You can  look for a map of the cell phone towers  and antennas in your neighborhood to verify if there are an unusual number of them near your home, office or your child’s school. Look up your address on Be prepared, the results may shock you. I strongly suggest you locate these towers before moving into a new home or office, in addition to riding around the neighborhood to locate electrical centers in the area.

In the future your real estate agent will volunteer the information that your neighborhood has been protected from electrosmog. For now, it is your job to do the dirty work of locating the radiating  areas and placing yourself far, far away from them.

And what about all those handheld devices? Their usage increases daily. Remember, the average number of devices in American households today is 25 and these also radiate and influence the health of your electric body. Identify them and do your best to diminish the time you spend in their proximity. And keep on mapping…

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