How To Do A Mantra

Mantra: A Device That Liberates The Mindstrings that channel your Mind

You can do a mantra while you are sitting, standing, washing dishes or laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. We suggest that you use

a rhythmic pattern of breathing while doing mantras and visualizations. You simply breathe until you find a pattern with a rhythm

coupled with the words of the mantras. Some suggestions about your breathing during mental exercises:

  • It is important that you not force your breath.
  •  your intake and expelling of breath should  be relaxed as you expel your breath
  • Allow your shoulders to drop.
  • Have your hands in a relaxed position.
  • If seated then your arms should be relaxed and your legs uncrossed.
  • Your head should be in a comfortable position. It should not be too erect and pay attention that it may not be pulled back.
  • If you get tired doing mantras it is because you are pushing your breath.  Return to a more relaxed, softer and slower pattern of breathing.
  • The flow of your breath should be such that it creates a process of relaxation of your mind and your body.

Silence please

Please repeat the mantras in silence. I have found that when people speak the words, or mouth the words, it is difficult for to have full control of their breath.  When the words are chanted silently the individual has full control over their breath and can actually play with their breath until they find their natural rhythm.

You will find that after months of doing mantras on a regular basis that you will have fuller breath. You will be able to breathe deeper into your body and some of you will experience that you will not loose your breath as quickly while exercising.