Hug a tree, enjoy your kids and friends more


Crouch in your back yard and you will become sexier


We are at a stage in written human history that includes a dramatic shift in our energy bodies and our relationship to the physical dimension. We are getting ready for a new stage in our evolution, the Golden Age. Great news but due to these shifts, a lot of us are so tired that we barely making it through our days, so tired that it is affecting our personalities and our ability to have fun.

We are changing our energy bodies, getting ready for a shift into a dimension and condition when we will no longer need our physical body. But the losing of the physical body involves changes in our relationship to the physical dimension.

Whatever we do to address our exhaustion will also be addressing the issues of the energetic shift.


Balancing the four elements

The original medicines of the planet were shamanism. Shamans know that in order to be healthy we need to have a balance of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. When a shaman does healing ceremonies and recommends herbs and activities, he is seeking to balance the elements in your aura. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine also look to balance the elements. Modern medicine does not, as it is not part of their belief system.

Our disconnection from nature, from the four elements

Our disconnection from nature, from the four elements is a mayor component of the exhaustion of people who live in cities. Many of us are not balanced in our elements, and even worse, many of us are low in elements. I discovered this when I had a radio show and a lot of the listeners where elderly, shut ins. As I diagnosed their health and physiological issues, I found that they were not only unbalanced in the elements, they were missing elements, especially the element of earth! Did they become invalids and shut ins because they disconnected from nature or did they disconnect from nature because they were invalids and shut ins?

Each element is a type of gasoline that you need. You can be low or almost on empty of one or more of the elements, at which time you will not be healthy or happy. And if it is the element of earth that you are missing, then you will be also exhausted and disassociated. In the past we could get away with living indoors and in our cars, and not suffer greatly. Today, with our energy field starting to disconnect from the physical dimension of earth, if we do not have sufficient contact with nature, we suffer, especially from exhaustion.


Disassociation is rapidly becoming an epidemic. It is a direct result of a lack of earth element and a disconnection from the physical dimension. It can be dangerous because it cuts down our reaction time. But perhaps worse is the fact that we cannot manifest or achieve while disassociated. All your struggles to get a better job, get your projects off the ground, are blocked when you are lacking the element of earth.


God put the elements here to assist in our evolution. The elements have consciousness and intention. They intend to help humans. Tree hugging is a must today, to help draw in the element of earth. Don’t laugh, when you hug a tree you will be filling up on the earth element and if you ask the tree you can also get a healing at the same time! Palm trees have the energy and intention of flexibility. If you need to be more flexible in your life, lean and align your back to a palm tree.

The energy of oak trees

Oak trees bring the energy and intention of healing the “exhausted but struggles on” syndrome. Find yourself an oak tree….

If you are so tired you have little desire for sex, remember that the energy for sexuality comes from the earth. Crouch in the grass and visually draw up energies through your feet into your pelvis.

It is easy and cost free to fill up on the element of earth. Go hug a tree, lay on the grass, walk in the park, and feel how much more friendly the world feels and how much less tired and stressed you are.