Hurricane Katrina Speaks

Frances Speaks With  Hurricane Katrina

Written August 30, 2005

Note April 3, 2012: I wrote this on August 30, 2005.

Free will is the strongest law and right we have as human beings. Free will based on limited information cannot compare to the right use of will when we have information from other dimensions that influence the reality of our lives on the physical dimension. We need to know or be reminded that natural catastrophes are purifications….

August 30, 2005

“Why” Hurricane Katrina

On Tuesday night, August 30th, 2005 I spoke to hurricane Katrina. I  can speak telepathically to anything that has consciousness. So I spoke to Katrina…She said she was tired …this is the rest of what she said:

Water is for clearing and cleansing and that is why I came…this event, this cleansing will cause people in this country to open their hearts with compassion and that is necessary…this country needs to turn inward, to pay attention to what is happening within the country and to open it heart…why? Because in the future this country will be in a place of deciding whether to use nuclear weapons. It is important that the heart of this country be open at that time…

Unseen Factors in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city built on swamp land. That means it is built on top of wetlands that Mother Earth uses as cemeteries….. As I watch the news of the lawlessness in New Orleans, I know that an unseen factor in the behaviors, now and through the coming months, will be deeply influenced by the lost spirits that inhabit that area. We are all familiar with the horror movies often depicted in swamps…we never wondered if there was any truth to the “darkness” of those settings…there is.

As the article states, to experience a trauma on a swampland is many times more “traumatic” than if that same event happens on regular land or on sacred land. I do not believe the public will be made aware, at least not now, of the extent of unusual, disgusting and negative events that will take place there. And I worry about the tens of thousands of people who experienced the storm there and then move to other parts of the country. I believe that in the future there will be a new term in psychology covering the symptoms of people from New Orleans who lived through the storm. Unfortunately, the symptoms will be way beyond post traumatic syndrome. They will include a deep level of “spiritual” injury due to the setting of the trauma. They will be the type of symptoms of spiritual abuse we see in victims of Santeria and brujería (black magic), plus, plus, plus…for those of you inexperienced in the effects of back magic, just watch horror films and imagine those images and emotions going on in your head, day and night…add to that very real “bad luck” in the people’s lives. As if they were “cursed”…

Post Note April 2012: “Post-Katrina Storm Disorder is defined as a sub-threshold stress-related set of symptoms that many survivors (including clinicians) continue to experience. The key characteristics are: irreplaceable loss of a “sense of place”, disillusionment, exhaustion and post-storm heightened threshold of anxiety.” (

Hurricane Katrina Survivors Struggle With Mental Health Years Later
Survivors of Hurricane Katrina continue to experience poor mental health years after the storm, according to a study of low-income mothers in the New Orleans area. Researchers collected data on the participants before Katrina and nearly five years after the August 2005 storm. Reported in the journal Social Science and Medicine, the study found that even after four years, about 33 percent of the participants still had symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and 30 percent had psychological distress. Though levels for both conditions had declined from the first follow-up 11 months after the hurricane, they were not back to pre-hurricane levels.