Intention Mental Exercise and Aura Changes

Interesting Information About the

Intention Mantra/Praayer Exercise

Note: this is an old article but very interesting. We now call this Intention Exercise the intention Mantra. This article needs editing but it is worth reading as is..

When I read someone’s intention, I ask them to stand several feet away from me so that I can have a side view of their physical body. This allows me a side view of their energy system. When they start to repeat their intention, there is an immediate thrusting forward of the triangle I call the intention unit, a vectoring of the front of the body. Soon after this intention vectoring, there appears additional triangles, which I call attention units, from the back of the head and neck area. There can also appear bubbles that contain the quality of emotions or concepts or reactions. These are on top of the head, around the head or the neck area. Many times there are in the center of the back.


It is obvious that at an energetic level any structure such as the attention units or these bubbles, in these places that I just mentioned, would block that conduit that moves universal energy through an individual system.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that subconscious intentions and attentions. Concepts and reactions and emotions block our conscious intention. This has been the information that you have read so far in this book. How do we unblock ourselves so as to achieve what we intend consciously? Most of us have understood that many times we don’t get what we say we want because we have an issue that needs to be resolved. Therapy until relatively recently addressed this.




Traditional “talk” therapy, generally, does not address our cognitive misconceptions. How often is it that we consciously intend something only to later reflect and realize that we truly did not want it?  So going to therapy to find out what our blocks are, is not moving us closer to a life of balance and of happiness when the true issue is that at a very deep level, we do not want it anyway. It would be of critical importance that all of us become much more familiar with what is happening in our subconscious or unconscious in all aspects having to do with blocked intentions, lacked of centeredness, etc. We are today in the age of information. Power lies today in having immediate access to a flow of information that is accurate and timely. It is my opinion that the one factor that most blocks us in finding happiness and peace on this planet is a lack of information about ourselves. We do not know who we are truly unless we have gone back and reviewed what I call our metaphysical history. That would be a history of our past lives. We do not need to know all of our past lives, only a few critical ones to be able to understand our metaphysical history.  The reason is that we react to the traumas of all of our lifetimes. These reactions we carry into this lifetime. Creating subconscious intentions to protect ourselves from being in these situations again in this lifetime. Our past lives together with what we don’t remember in our childhood create that division between who we think we are and who we truly are and what we think we want and we truly want. If we can find out who we were previously, what has happened to us and what we have intended throughout our lifetimes we will find that there will be much more of a synchronization between our consciousness and our subconscious. This should facilitate the alignment of our conscious intentions with our subconscious and allow us to identify our life work as well as the cycles we are bringing into this lifetime.


Meanwhile most of us have not had the time or understood or know enough about our past lives and our childhood in order to have this information that would create this harmony between our conscious and our subconscious. So what do we do today? I recommend to my clients and to my students, the following intention mantra/exercises. They are simple, quick and effective. How will you know that they are working for you? The biggest sign or signal that something is happening is your feelings. If you do not feel your energy body or your emotions initially you will not feel that anything is happening. The remedy is for you to become more in touch with what you are feeling at a physical body level and emotionally.



The ancient yogis contend that breath and mind are intricately connected. They feel that you can control your mind through your breath. It is a core component of yoga exercises and mental exercises that have been perfected through the centuries. In working with clients and their intention, I became aware that through breath we can reorganize our subconscious internal thoughts. When I find that a client has a block, whether it’s emotional or just a cognitive misconception that they have not consciously accepted, I ask them to breath in an acceptance of that emotion or that thought. As they breathe it in, I can see how there is a clearing of the center of the center conduit in the back of their energy body. I do not believe that these issues are erased from heir energy field. I believe that the system, through an acceptance of an internal truth, puts that discomfort or thought in its proper place. Its proper place pulls it away from blocking the life force from entering the individual’s energy anatomy. I have found that breath together with a mental acceptance of subconscious energies can create a clearing that would often take years in traditional “talk” therapy.




First step to prepare for an intention exercise is to formulate your verbal intention. You need to determine what reality it is that you want to create, what is it that you are wanting in your life that you do not have at this point, and create a short sentence that briefly and loosely says what you intend. This sentence should be short and to the point. It should include no negatives, in other word, it should not say “I do not want…” It is not necessary to go into an extensive description of what it is that you intend in detail. I find that when I am struggling to formulate an intention that it is easiest to simply say “please God, help me with my intention that this project or issue resolve well.” That is much better than saying “Please God, help me with my intention that this project be completed timely and profitably and error less.” Your assumption should be that the universe knows what you mean when you say that this project end well. If for you, ending well means timely, profitably, effortlessly, the universe will know that. So the shorter the verbiage, the more effective the repetition of the intention.



I find that it is most effective to do the intention exercises while standing. There are exceptions. Perhaps you’re not well enough to be able to stand so laying down with your arms loosely at your side will have to do Also, many times it is comfortable or necessary to do intentions at night. If you wake up in the middle of the night worried about something, it’s good to stay in bed and do these exercises. In other words, it’s not necessary to stand up but ideally, the intention should be done standing. If the person doing the intention exercises is not centered or feels insecure about standing, it is best to stand in front of a chair holding the back of it. At times these exercises bring up a lot of emotions, and clients can start to wobble or sway, so the first time it is probably good to have a chair for support in case your energy body starts to release a lot of emotion. Your hands should be held loosely at your sides, your feet should not be crossed, and you should be comfortable. You will be doing full bod? breathing, so loose clothing would be best.



As mentioned, it may be necessary to start the intention exercises staring at a piece of paper with your intention written on it. You can perhaps scotch tape it to a wall or a door, or prop it up against something. For those of you with an iffy memory, you can start the exercises with you eyes open, then close them as soon as you have done it often enough to remember the exact sequence of the words. In general, you should do these exercises with your eyes closed, as this facilitates the movement of energy through your energy anatomy. The energy will tell you how blocked you are, what the nature of the blocks are and also when you have become unblocked. When your eyes are open it is much easier to be distracted by the visual content of the room around you. In this exercise, the feelings in your energy body are the signal that something is happening. Discomfort while repeating the words tells you that you are blocked in this intention.




Your breath should be rhythmic, together with the words. In other words, you will draw in your breath, and as you repeat the words you will be releasing your breath little by little, and at the end of the sentence you are to release your breath fully. Then you start up again, taking in breath fully, starting the sentence again, slowly releasing until you end and then releasing your breath. The breathing and the chanting, whether it’s silent or out loud should be rhythmic. This creates a rhythm to the flow of your energy, which is what we are looking for. If you were flowing fully, none of your intentions would be blocked. It is because we are not flowing and many times not breathing properly, that we are blocked in the creation of reality.



As you repeat the intention, pay attention to your body sensations.  What feelings are coming up? Can you identify the feelings? Is it anger? Is it grief? Is it confusion? Are memories being triggered by the breathing and the chanting? Try to make a mental note, because it is possible that you may have to go back to this feeling or this memory afterwards. During the intention exercise, don’t process these emotions or these memories, just observe them with the thought of going back to them after the exercise is finished. Continue the chant silently or out loud until there is a flow. You will know when there is a flow. When you first start the exercise, you will notice that initially, the words as they are spoken are not rhythmic. As you chant the sentences several times, you should find it more comfortable to say the words. As your energy body processes the blocks of emotion and of memories through the chanting and the rhythmic breathing, the repetition of the words becomes easier. You will know that you are flowing and unblocked in your intention when the words roll out of your mouth like honey.

Many of my clients tell me that at the end of the exercise they feel very well and that they feel that what they are intending  can happen. This is contrary to their feelings about the intention before the exercise. When the words and the breath flow easily, you know that your energy body is flowing easily. This confirms that at that moment you are not blocking life force from entering your system to help create or re-create your reality.



I recommend that clients do these exercises three or four times a day for several minutes or until they achieve rhythmic flow in their words and in their breath and in their energy body. I also tell them that if the intention that they are seeking is something that is of critical importance or is an issue that is creating havoc in their lives, that they do these intention exercises throughout the day. In doing so, they are literally changing the dynamics of the energy of the issue. They also tell me that they find themselves much less anxious after the exercise. The exercises appear to have a calming effect on the energy body and on our mind.



After the exercises it might be important to review the emotions or the feelings that were initially blocking the rhythmic flow. Where did that anger that you felt come from? Can you pin point it? What was that memory all about? If every time you do these exercises you run into the same type of block, you need to consider going to an intuitive diagnostician or an energy worker. You may need help in closing down a past life or in clearing the emotions from your energy body. Of you may need spirit release work, if you feel particularly blocked.


Every time that I lecture or speak to people of the things that I “see” at the level of energy, someone always asks what they can do to be an intuitive or psychic. I always remind them that these are natural abilities that at this point in history are blocked. I would like to review what can be done to start the unblocking process of these innate inner senses. The number one activity that can be engaged in to become more fluid, on what I call the psychic highway is to meditate. Meditation is designed to take you and your mind out of the realm of the physical into dimensions where the reality is not solid or physical. The more often you meditate the quicker you will become conversant with these others dimensions. It is probably the number one recommendation by most of us to people wanting to become intuitive, psychic and healers. I also recommend that students of this field satisfy the rational part of their mind and brain with substantiated information about our natural psychic ability. They are many good books that can help to start the process of satisfying your logical mind and unblocking that logical sabotaging part of ourselves that would like to insist that only very special few people have the talent.


In the past, only saints, mystics and yogis had siddha (powers). Today that is changing as the new millennium energies and transformations in human beings begin. Our evaluation today is a renewal of these blocks between ourselves and all the inherent power we have denied or repressed. The abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance (inner vision), claircognizance (instinctive knowing), clairaudience (instinctive hearing), and _______ (inner feelings) will once again be an integral part of our daily lives. These powers (siddhas) will no longer be limited to special beings. Man will once again possess characteristics generally thought to be only of the gods.

Cranial sacral massage is another, not usually discussed opportunity for opening up your latent senses. These type of massage can specifically unblock parts of your system that would hinder the ability to see and to perceive at an energy level. Energetic healing by energy workers can also help to unblock your energy system to facilitate accessing these abilities. Specifically, a healing or closure of any and all past lives that were traumatic because of psychic abilities. In other words, if you were ever burned at the stake or questioned intensely during the inquisition because of your healing abilities you can bet your bottom dollar that that is going to be a very specific and heavy block to unfolding those abilities in this life time. Its all too often that I work with healers and psychics that are literally afraid of their abilities because of these past life memories. What Pythagoras calls a retrospection of your previous life times is another way to “remember” that you have had these abilities before. Then it is easier to flow with these gifts, at this point in your metaphysical history.

Please remember that these are latent assets that we all have. The extent that we cannot access them, to that extent is the size of our block. There are also classes and programs that you can participate in where you are trained, taught or reminded how to intuit, diagnose, etc. Fortunately, society today has started to remove its taboos to the arena of intuition and psychic abilities. Therefore, it is easier to find information and classes and to openly study and practice accessing our extended senses.

Intention Mantra to Recreate Your Reality

Can it really be this easy? I myself have been surprised at how easy it is to shift someone in terms of their reality, if they accept their blocks and learn to breathe them through.  A significant percentage of time it is simply a question of accepting what is blocking you. The silent chanting of these words of intention coupled with rhythmic breathing creates a reorganization of emotions. Emotions are energy. They are very real, at times they congeal into almost a solid mass. When these emotions are not in their proper place, they block the free flow of energy through our system and can therefore also block our intention. Many years of therapy are no longer necessary to recreate reality. After all, we do it every minute of the day. However, there does need to be a level of acceptance of what our true feelings are, or what we are thinking, or what we have been through. Is it necessary to have a psychic or intuitive read the issue? It is helpful, but not necessary. In asking my clients and friends to practice these exercises on their own, I have found that by simply chanting or repeating the intention and the rhythmic breathing, the blocks of emotion and information automatically reorganize into their proper place in our systems. The conduits of energy become free and clear, and energy passes through.

Let us go back again to the statement I made in the  beginning of the book:

“Order is the passing through without disturbance.”

When we have thoughts or feelings we cannot handle we repress them. We put emotions we would want to deny out of our conscious mind so we can be more comfortable. We do not fully accept these emotions and we want to get away from them. Society does not allow open displays of anger. Society does not accept even the slightest frown on our faces. We have learned to reject the part of ourselves that is provoked by anger. Our parents teach us to be nice, even when we are appropriately angry. There are many unpleasant things in previous life times that we don’t remember and things we remember all to well in this life time. These events make us angry, aggressive, fearful and sorrowful. Yet none of these emotions are acceptable. We are trained by people, institutions, organizations and our families to put this information and the reactive emotions away. We bury our emotions in the recesses of our own mind, our subconscious. It is our way of hiding from our truth, the truth society cannot accept, therefore we choose not to accept. The problem is that our mind and specially our subconscious is in our body! Body workers, healers who work on the physical are witness to that. Bodywork releases this from our body, extracting subconscious emotions. Through the rhythmic breathing and repeated intention our energy body knows where to put this information.