Planetary Alignment, Mayan Galactic Tree of Life, December 21stKundalini Mental Yoga

Galactic Tree of Life Alignment

With Your Chakra Tree of Life, with the, Galactic Plane, with the  Center of the Milky Way, with the Dark Rift, Xibalba, the Road to the Underworld

Science calls it the Dark Rift, a large black hole in the center  of the Milky Way discovered in 1974

The Mayans called it  Xibalba, the road to the underworld

  Planet Earth and your Chakras   all align with the Underworld

 on December 21 st 2012.

If you are an impatient person just go directly to slide #33 and #34   

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The Sacred or the Underworld?
The Heavens or Hell?

We may have a choice on December 21st…
The Planetary Galactic Tree of Life Alignment gives you a choice. You can “rise” above the underworld by climbing your chakras system to connect to the sacred or you can slip into the underworld because you did not know….
Frances Fox Mental Yoga may help…