Lupus Mantra Works!

Lupus Mantra

June 2011
In June of 2011, I met a 28 year old Virgo female with severe lupus. She had been sick for over a year. Her prognosis according to her doctor was for her condition to get progressively worse through the years. Her medication was not working. She was taking  two medications for lupus, twice a day.
Even with these medications she was still feeling bad. She was hospitalized almost  every month  because she could not walk, she had pains all over her body, her hands were swollen, she could not shower, nor dress herself. I suggested this mantra which had worked for another lupus client. The mantra is repeated in silence with rhythmic breath:

Even though I am depressed

I love and accept myself.

After three weeks of mantras

In less than 3 weeks, according to her, she felt less stress, was calmer and had less pain.

After one month of mantras

In one month she was doing great, no swollen hands, she could get up alone and fast!

After two months of mantras

After two months of the mantras she had no pain and was able to go on a trip.

Her blood work returned normal, no lupus showed up and her doctor said her lupus had “gone to sleep”.

February 2012

I saw her again in  February 2012  and she was, according to her, 100% normal, no pain.

When I asked what she thought about her lupus, she said “my lupus will not come back if I do my mantras”.

What else?

The only change in this clients life was the doing her mantras dozens of times a day. The other Lupus client I took care of years ago also took the flower essence Mustard from Dr. Bach, which is in our Depression Formula.
Mantras work!
If you try the mantra and it works for you, please let us know so we can pass it along to others.

Please do not substitute these suggestions for medical treatment.