Mantra for Chaos

You choose to be part of this chaos

We are all confused and downtrodden with what is happening in our lives and in the world. Yet, when we decided to live in these times we knew what we would be going through. We selected to help the Planet move as gracefully as possible into the Golden Age. It has always been predicted that the transition from this era into the next would be chaotic.

Rather than focusing on the confusion due to the breakdown of  the economic structure and the ending of the world we knew, we need to help our  mind  align with what we decided to do before we were born. We suggest the following mantra to help you to align with and remember what you intended to do to help during this time in human history:

Please God help me with my intention to align with my prosperous  mission now.

Guidance from the spirit world

It has been said that our spirit guides are only allowed to gently “lead” us to what we intended to do in this incarnation. Yet, when we finally align with our mission, the rules of the “guidance” game changes rather dramatically. Our spirit guides are allowed to more aggressively protect and support us. It appears that they are a bit standoffish when we are “lost” but become much more focused and actively helpful when we are on the right path.

If you feel lost ,confused and without hope, doing this mantra may “save you” from losing your way and stop you from forgetting that you chose to be here in this chaos. Do the mantra 25 times a day or more, with rhythmic breath and in silence.