Medicine and Intention

A Story About Medicine and Intention

I have a friend who is an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Akilesh Sharma. I learned a lot about natural medicine from him but particularly from a story he told me. This is the gist of the story:

“There was a guru who taught medicine. One day he told his students to go and find one plant that did not have medicinal qualities to it. The students went off and as the days passed, the students came back with a plant they thought did not have the ability and intention to heal something in a human being. The guru would then tell what that particular plant could heal in a person.

After days there was still one student who had not returned. The guru asked about him and the students said he was hiding in his home, ashamed. The guru went to his home and the door was locked and the windows were shuttered, but the guru insisted on speaking to the student. When he asked what was wrong, the student said he was ashamed that he could not find one simple plant that was not a medicine.

The guru informed the students that this “ashamed” student, was accurate…”

You know the moral of the story: there is not a simple plant on the planet that does not have an intention to heal something in humans . This story brings us back to the importance of the  intention in the medicines you take.

We Recommend

I try to buy all my vitamins and food products in stores where there appears to be a connection between  the institutions intention to heal/nourish and the product they sell.

We also recommend you use the Aura Purification Spray on all your food to help release any negativity transferred from the food handlers or company that sells the products. For those who  would prefer not to “consume” the spirit of their chicken or meat product, we also recommend the Aura Purification Spray while doing this mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my food.

I am witness to the “lifting”, release  of   the spirit of the animal. It is a modern, fast food way to spiritual cleanse your food so you do not have to carry the energy of fear and shock of the animal that was butchered.