Mental Yoga: A Mantra

Mantra your way to healing

A mantra is a type of mental yoga that liberates the mind. Any set of words that are healing are mantras if done with the intention to heal. By definition, a mantra is a device that liberates the mind.
Mantras are good for two reasons. Number one, a healing process is instituted in the choosing of the words and the repetition of the words. Reason number two, the mantra occupies the mind, keeping it out of mischief. To occupy the human mind with sacred words is to make the mind sacred. To make the mind sacred is to create a sacred world. The repetition of those words makes the mind sacred. Under those conditions, a sacred space is created.
It has been known for centuries that breathing patterns affect well being. Yoga, for example, teaches us to modify our breathing patterns, reducing stress and improving overall health. It is also known that our emotions can be anchored or released through the use of breath.
The Deprogramming Mantra uses breath to accept and process our emotions quickly and simple. According to Webster, the definition of emotion is to “move out”.  When you repeat a mantra with a rhythmic breath, you can “breathe out” emotions and thoughts from your astral and mental bodies. The Deprogramming Mantras are like a vacuum cleaning that purifies your aura, reducing stress and frustrations.

Intention Mantra to align with your mission

The Intention Mantra helps you to create the reality you want. May we suggest this mantra if you do not have a mantra of your own:

“Please God help me with my intention to be aligned with my prosperous mission”.

I ask that you add the word prosperous because too many think that when we align with our mission, that it means earning less money.