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Frances Fox Mental Yoga

A Program to Strengthen and Protect Your Intentionality
What blocks you from mastering of your life? What can help you to achieve your intentions so that you end up exactly where you want? What is the role of your mind in this process we call creation? How do you keep a state of mind that ensures you are living as you intend? Today it is hard to imagine you can beat the overwhelming odds that appear to face you, yet great men throughout history have taught that your mind create reality.
The State of Mind Peace Program can help you to live in a state of mind of powerfully focused intentionality so that you can create the life you want. The program exercises help you to understand the role of your mind in creating your reality and strengthen your God given power of manifestation and you are encouraged to pay attention to the influence of your environment on your ability to stay clear and focused on your intentions. The State of Mind Peace Program can be applied to all your intentions.
The program includes mantras, mudras and a visualization.

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