Miasm: Spiritual Pollution, Spiritual Curse..

Miasm: Spiritual Pollution

Definition of a miasm: A Miasm is a cloud or wave of energy that could be called spiritual pollution or spiritual poisoning. The concept of Miasm is centuries old, and accepted as the explanation for unusual and sudden happenings.
ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM A MIASM FROM BLACK MAGIC, OR LIVING ON SWAMP LAND…ETC? Is your city or country suffering from miasms?

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September 2004

Juarez, Mexico had an earthquake years ago that dislodged some stones and released a Miasm. A Miasm is a cloud or wave of energy that could be called spiritual pollution or spiritual poisoning. The concept of Miasm is centuries old, and accepted as the explanation for unusual and sudden happenings. The result of this Miasm has been noticed world wide: the murders and disappearances of hundreds of poor women. A great mystery if you do not use metaphysics, the study of first cause, to understand how this wave of very specific violence could happen.


January 2001

The first Miasm that I personally became aware of was the Miasm that entered over Afghanistan on February 18, 2001 at 2: AM. I “foresaw”, predicted this event in January, 2001. This Miasm was able to enter Earth through a break in Earth’s aura at that precise date and time, and location. The energy of that Miasm was the energy of conflict and violence. I predicted that this wave would bring more conflict and violence than the planet had seen before. I predicted that there could be signs of highly unusual behavior in Afghanistan starting 4-6 weeks after 2-18-2001. Within that time frame, religious groups in Afghanistan were destroying statues of Buddha that were thousands of years old. From around the world there was puzzlement at this activity. There were other unusual happenings.

It has been said that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were due to activities and plans in Afghanistan. I believe the energies of the Miasm caused or contributed to the planned “violence”.

The Miasm Factor in the history of Jerusalem

The second Miasm I identified was a Miasm of violence and conflict that moved from Jerusalem to Columbia in 1948. It was a congestion of the energies resulting from the emotions in Jerusalem after Israel was made a country.  The result of this Miasm was seen as the Bogotaso, a political event in Columbia that heralded a wave of violence and conflict in that country that has never quit.

The Miasm Factor in Business in the United States

The third Miasm I identified was the wave of depression that came to the United States from Iraq during April, 2004. In the very small and informal survey I took, asking friends and acquaintances of their personal experiences there appeared to be many people symptomatic of that Miasm.  I suspect there were an unusual number of suicides and hospitalizations and doctor’s visits due to the augmentation of depression due to this particular Miasm. In my practice it was evident by the increase in suicide attempts and “the desire to die” issues I had to deal with my clients.

The entity issue is a longstanding issue in human history.

The Juarez Miasm, the spiritual pollution that has been the cause of hundreds of murders of women, was an energy trapped under the earth and released by the dislodging of stones during an earthquake. This Miasm contained the thoughts of very sick males, hating women, wanting to hurt them. Unfortunately, this Miasm attracted and contained many, many entities whose only obsessive thoughts were to influence men to kill and main

How can a Miasm influence human beings? A simple question with a simple answer but only simple if you know about the human energy system and how a person’s body can be influenced and used by an entity, a spirit with intentions and actions that human would never have thought or wanted

How can a human being harm another, how can a human being do damage, hurt, torture, rape another? Where is the human compassion, the ability to know and feel what another is going through?  It is my view and experience that humans are not capable to harming another without the influence of entities. Most if not all religions on the planet have this concept as part of their basic teachings.

Black Magic

I have found that black magicians and “santeros” use this energy of Miasm as the modality for “cursing” people, especially the curses that are for “generations”. Black magic exists, curses exist, regardless of how foreign and incompatible the concept is to our “modern” notions of how the world works. We may have something of a grip on our life on the physical dimension, but the modern world and science does not have a clue as to how these phenomena work, or how to document their existence. Ancient and indigenous cultures have known since the beginning of life on this planet that black magic, like praying to your “good” god, does work.

Planetary Miasms

These Miasms are a type of “curse”, but whose intention is it that we suffer? That question I cannot answer but the lack of an answer to that question does not mean the Miasms does not exist.