Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits

Mother Earth’s Cemeteries

Mother Earth uses water to heal spirits

August 2006

Car accidents, death in an emergency room, death while on pain killing drugs, all create the potential for a traumatic death producing a robotic spirit. We already know that because of a lack of awareness, we have not known that we need to protect the dying process or heal the traumatized spirit. The result is a lot of wandering, lost souls looking for a place or a person to attach to. Mother Earth helps out by collecting some of these souls in wetlands. She also uses standing water, such as artificial lakes, canals and big puddles to help the healing process of people who have lost their physical bodies. She uses these watery places as a natural cemetery, to clear entities the same way we use water in Baptism to clear bad energy.
An uncovered glass of water can be a container for entities
In Santeria and Brujeria, it is known that if you put out an uncovered glass of water, it ‘catches’ negative spirits. In Kabala, they say the same. (Obviously, don’t drink out of a container of water that you have left uncovered overnight.)I believe this is the same dynamics as what I am talking about with wetlands; they are a container that “catches” negative energies and entities.
Water heals
It is known in metaphysics that water cleanses. In Baptism water is used to clear, or heal negative residue. Throughout history water has been known to be a healer, cleanser, and purifier. If you read Robert Bruce’s book Psychic Self Defense, you see how he recommends water as a way of stopping spirit attacks. I highly recommend the book for anyone seeking to augment their knowledge of the spirit world and its influence on humans.
Swamp Energies: A type of Miasm or Spiritual Pollution
Wetlands, swamp lands, canals and artificial lakes, are not such good places to live on or near. It is usually a struggle to live in these places and it is for a good reason. Living in or on these lands is like living in an Indian burial ground. It is not a good idea. It is the opposite of living on sacred land. The description below, of spiritual pollution, is part of the characteristics burial grounds and of swamplands. In Webster’s dictionary, the term “Miasm” is followed by these meanings: “a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of a putrescent matter) formerly believed to contain a substance causing disease (as malaria)”; “a pervasive influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt”. Its Greek root is “miainein” which means “to defile”. “To defile” means “to make something dirty or no longer pure”; “to damage something holy or sacred”.
The difference between an Indian burial ground and swamplands is that the indigenous used ceremonies and rituals to help the dead. I suspect no one other than Mother Earth is working with the spirits on swamplands. And remember, the indigenous never, ever lived on their cemeteries.
I often take care of clients who have a syndrome that neither doctors nor therapist been able to identify or resolve. I will call this syndrome “swamp energies” When I identify that someone has swamp energies, it is because I intuit that information and I also “see” with my clairvoyant abilities, a lot of darkness literally dripping from the torso and limbs of the person. This darkness looks like black jelly. It is a congestion of negative astral particles with a sticky consistency.
The “swamp energies” symptoms usually include:
Spirit attachments
Spirit possession
Persistent, chronic emotional depression
An energetic depression. A heaviness that is beyond depression and lethargy: an extra heaviness that does not feel like the emotion of depression nor the heaviness of achy muscles…it is a little hard to explain but it can also be described as feeling as if something is pulling you down. It is probably the black jelly that is pulling the person down. At this point I feel comfortable saying that the black jelly is an accumulation of negative astral particles
Lethargy, lack of vitality
Aches and pains
A life full of heavy emotional and spiritual issues
Lack of good sleep
Panic attacks, psychic attack
Poor sleep insomnia
And lots more
Persons living on swamp lands do not necessarily have all of these symptoms. The longer they live on swamp lands, the more the symptoms.
In looking at the lives of many people who live near or on top of swamp land, I find that too many of them have lives that can be described as “heavy” or negative. They feel the opposite of what light hearted people feel like. Their energy is often dreary, though they may cover it up with smiles and positivism. I have often joked that in addition to their regular job, they have a full time job keeping themselves “up”, in other words “animandose”, meaning making themselves feel better through a mental process of “animating”, uplifting” their energy field. That can consciously override the feelings of lethargy, but they are still emotionally and physically living these “swamp energies”.
The indigenous never, ever lived on their cemeteries
After seeing many clients with these symptoms and intuiting that these clients and these issues were a package, a syndrome, I searched as to the generator of the syndrome. And the answer was, these people lived, or had lived near a swamp, bog, marsh, or land that some developer had reclaimed from the everglades or another “swampy” place and used land fill to build it up enough to be able to construct buildings on it.  It included land that was near artificial lakes or canals with water that does not move. It also included homes and buildings built on land that is water logged” when it rains; large puddles develop and take a while to drain.
I had already identified that many of us are periodically affected by moving Miasms, a form of spiritual pollution. This spiritual pollution can include negative thoughts and emotions and entities. And when this Miasm, this cloud of negative thoughts and emotions hits our auras, we then think these negative thoughts and negative emotions, as if they were internally generated. Not so, but we are unaware because until recently we believed that the thoughts in our heads were ours….
“Swamp energies” appear to be Miasm that have a location. They have a permanent place in geography. And that is an important point, they have a location; these energies do not come to us, we go to them: as in live by them, build our homes on top of them, and work in buildings near or on top of them.
Mother Earth Cemeteries
It is my perception that Mother Earth has a plan to help human beings in their evolutionary process.  Mother Earth has tried to help us out by accumulating Miasm type energies: negative astral particles, negative spirits, and negative energies in certain places like marshes, bogs, wetlands and swamps.  It was never meant that humans live near or on top of these places, as humans should never live on Indian Burial Grounds or near cemeteries.

Who is most affected by swamp energies?
I have noticed that there is a big difference in how people, even in the same household, are affected by swamp energies.
People born in natural settings, near nature, not in cities, have stronger etheric bodies (stronger constitutions) and are less affected. I took care of a family of four who lived on landfill, on a lot reclaimed from the Everglades, the parents and two children. Everyone in the family was lethargic, except the father who was born and raised in a natural setting. Even the dog in the family was affected. The family described him as lazy, when I asked about his energy level. I informed them he also influenced by the setting of the house.
Children born and raised in swamp energies are most affected; growing up in swamp energies influences a child forever, unless life events are conducive to cleaning up the child’s aura
A typical example of swampland issues
A pretty typical example of the influence of living on or near a natural cemetery is a family I worked with who moved from regular land to wetlands that had landfill. The home they lived in was very cute; hiding the horrors of what awaited them. In the five years they lived there, the daughter attempted suicide, both parent’s job situations deteriorated mysteriously and everyone in the family, with no exception, was massively depressed. The youngest son preferred to sleep out as often as possible; he said his house gave him the creeps.
Unseen factor in “happy go lucky” female
I met a woman last Christmas while lunching with friends. She was the “happy go lucky member” of the group, constantly declaring how great her life was, how happy she was. As the meal progressed she revealed details about her life that seemed a little odd. She did not sleep nights, spending those hours working on her computer. She had a lot of problems yet she appeared vital and energetic.
We saw each other several times in different social functions during the holiday season. But she was not able to keep up the façade. Her stories revealed the truth: her over activity was really anxiety. I was horrified as she described crisis after crisis in her household. I knew there was an unseen factor, something was weird. She looked so stable, there was no way she had lived this way for any length of time. I knew she was living in a new home so I asked. “Could there be any relationship between the move to the new house and the “troubles”? She looked at me, puzzled. After hesitating for a moment, she said yes, everything had deteriorated in her life since the move. She now lived on an artificial lake. Since moving there she had acquired many of the symptoms of “swamp energies”.
Even more tragic…
Any tragedy experienced in wetlands, or a swamp environment seems to be much worse than the same tragedy experienced in a normal setting. A rape, assault, a tragedy experienced while living in a swamp is much more damaging to the person than in another setting. It appears that because of the setting, the trauma allows exceptionally negative spirits to attach to the person. And I believe that in the future, we will become aware that more rapes, assaults, suicides and accidents happen on these lands than on “regular” land. Is it a coincidence that many horror films have swamps as their setting?
Unseen factors in New Orleans tragedies before, during and after Katrina
When Hurricane Katrina was getting closer to New Orleans in 2005, I was worried. I knew that swamp lands have very little protection against anything, much less a major force like a hurricane. I knew that a lot of issues would be kicked up but little did I know how everyone would come to understand that the New Orleans tragedy/catastrophe had elements beyond what was visible to the naked eye.
Two weeks after the hurricane, I ran across an article by a European journalist. He was recounting his experiences in New Orleans after Katrina. He said that for two decades he had covered wars and natural catastrophes but he had never experienced what he witnessed and lived through after the hurricane. His observations about the paranoia of the residents who were trapped by the waters, the shooting at the rescuers, the behavior of the residents, the authorities, was totally contrary to the cooperative and compassionate spirit of the aftermath of the wars and natural catastrophes he had covered. You could tell that he was puzzled at the strange and often violent behaviors exhibited after the hurricane.
Katrina Behavior,
As the Katrina approached New Orleans, I told friends that I was very concerned because I knew that a hurricane is a trauma and that a trauma experienced in a swamp land or cemetery has much higher consequences that the same trauma experience on regular land. It did not surprise me though it did shock me when I saw the weird behavior of those who had remained behind and experienced Katrina first hand. It could be the result of their auras breaking and those particularly sick spirits entering their aura and influencing their behavior. Certainly we have no other explanation and it is compatible and actually to be expected, knowing what we know now.
How to we do the “science” on these issues?
The definition of science is to observe and draw conclusions. I commented to my friends within days of Katrina, that all who had experienced the storm on the swamp lands, or who had visited New Orleans to help in the aftermath, would have a type of post traumatic stress syndrome which included especially bad attachments, possessions and congestions. Below is something I wrote on September 1st, 2005 after Katrina:
New Orleans is a city built on swamp land. That means it is built on top of wetlands that   Mother Earth uses as cemeteries). As I watch the news of the lawlessness in New Orleans, I know that an unseen factor in the behaviors, now and through the coming months, will be deeply influenced by the lost spirits that inhabit that area. We are all familiar with the horror movies often depicted in swamps…we never wondered if there was any truth to the “darkness” of those settings…there is…and as the article states, to experience a trauma on a swampland is many times more “traumatic” than if that same event happens on regular land or on sacred land. I do not believe the public will be made aware, at least not now, of the extent of unusual, disgusting and negative events that will take place there. And I worry about the tens of thousands of people who experienced the storm there and then move to other parts of the country. I believe that in the future there will be a new term in psychology covering the symptoms of people from New Orleans who lived through the storm. Unfortunately, the symptoms will be way beyond post traumatic syndrome. They will include a deep level of “spiritual” injury due to the setting of the trauma. They will be the type of symptoms of spiritual abuse we see in victims of Santeria and brujeria (black magic), plus, plus, plus…for those of you inexperienced in the effects of back magic, just watch horror films and imagine those images and emotions going on in your head, day and night…add to that very real “bad luck” in the people’s lives. As if they were “cursed”…
For those of you who kept up with the residents of New Orleans after they relocated, you know that too many times, instead of gratitude and compassion, they experienced violence and conflict. They lacked compassion, they experienced a lack of compassion; they were/are violent and they experience violence.
It will take years before the common thread is found, before the unseen factor is identified in the unusual happenings in New Orleans. That very fun city always had a dark side and that dark side revealed itself during Katrina. For now, pay attention to the quality of the land you live on or work on. And if a part of you is “gone”, as in disassociated (sometimes  called being a space cadet or shut down or flighty or a dreamer, etc) make sure you are very awake and aware and in your body while on or near swamplands or any other type of cemetery.
Note June 2011: Psychologists have named the conditions I described above as the Katrina Syndrome
Post-Katrina Storm Disorder is defined as a sub-threshold stress-related set of symptoms that many survivors (including clinicians) continue to experience. The key characteristics are: irreplaceable loss of a “sense of place”, disillusionment, exhaustion and post-storm heightened threshold of anxiety. A modified “six stages of disaster recovery” model, incorporating the four-stage model utilized by most disaster relief agencies, has been modified and expanded to address key missing stages and dynamics. Positive (traumatic growth) opportunities are elaborated considering changes in personal priorities, life in a FEMA trailer, metamorphosis of the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast campus, the role of volunteers and resident self-help and personal life commitments. Seventeen helpful clinical strategies in working with post-Katrina survivors (i.e., advocacy and follow-up, not comparing traumas, clarifying pre- versus post-Katrina issues and problems, humor) are outlined.
Abstract: Post Katrina Storm Disorder: Post Catastrophe Syndrome and Resilence (Research that Promotes Sustainability and (re)Builds Strengths (January 15 – 18, 2009))

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