Off Planet Influence On Your Life Today

Off planet life has an influence on your life today, now.

April 25th to May2nd, 2010 from the Dolphin horoscopes

This is a week of wonder. You will wonder what went wrong with your relationships that you have no one to fall back on. You will wonder how things got so out of control with your friends. You will wonder how you are going to survive alone.

There is no doubt but that we are in an unusual time in human history. There are waves of energies that are such a contrast to the Age of Aquarius that we are in, that we must wonder: what happened?

It is simple if your lens are opened wide, wide enough to include planetary issues and off planet issues. It should be obvious that there is life off planet. What perhaps you have not thought about is how that off planet life has an influence on your life today, now.

No police to protect us from off planet evil

There are no police officers off planet to stop bad deeds. As a matter of fact, darkness and evil is allowed to run rampant over the Galaxy. Planet Earth is supposed to be encapsulated in an aura (part of the Ozone layer) that protects it. The problem is that the aura of the planet, the ozone layer and more, is very, very broken. And in many places where it is not broken, it is very, very weak. These breaks facilitate off planet invasions.  It is as if your skin could no longer protect you. Bacteria will invade and you will become sick, as planet earth is becoming increasingly sick.

The volcano that is erupting in Iceland is trying to repair a large hole over the North Pole. The state of affairs is such that the neighboring volcano may also have to disrupt life as we know it, but not just in Europe.

What does this mean to you? It means that you must protect and repair your personal aura, the aura of your home and your workspaces. It means that you can be OK in the midst of chaos but only if you keep the boundaries that God provided you with, intact.