Om Mantra Video

Fill Your Aura with Light and Energize Your Intentions

With the

OM Mantra

Video below on how to do the OM mantra

The OM Mantra, the sound of OM repeated endlessly, opens up your central axis and fills it with light. Your central axis is your Intentional (causal) energy body and it is where the strength of your intentions are. Traumas, bodily injuries and poor quality breathing constrict your central axis, making it harder to achieve your intentions. Doing the OM mantra all day long opens up your central axis and helps stabilize your intentions.

On December 21st 2012 a Tree of Life forms in the heavens, according to the Mayans. The Tree of Life is a symbol in most religions and cults and it represents the human energy system. Doing the OM mantra throughout the day widens and strengthens the trunk of your energetic tree, your intentional/causal body.

The OM mantra is also good for sinus headaches and migraines. Try it and let us know how you like it!