Panic Attacks, Immigration and Shame


 Panic Attacks

People who have panic attacks are changing their relationship to their spirit attachments. We mean to say that when a person changes frequency because they have cleaned something out of their aura, the spirit puts up a fight in the expectation that they will create enough emotional issues that the person will “break” again and the spirit is then guaranteed a home. People with ongoing panic attacks are in a process of trying to not accept a negative vibration, the spirit, and the spirit or spirits are trying to stay attached.

 So panic attacks are part of a healing process?

That is correct. When someone picks up a spirit and does not accept the new, lower vibration, the struggle between the person and the spirit ends up feeling like a panic attack.

By definition a panic attack is an attack by a spirit trying to hang onto or enter someone’s aura. People with panic attacks are struggling not to accept the attachment.

Next question, what can people do to stop the attacks?

You know the first answer: find and repair the reason for the damage to the aura. In this case, the damage could be to the aura of the home or office. Most homes today that have immigrants have a hole in the aura due to the illegal immigrant’s constant terror.

Hummmm….this sounds so judgmental, like the immigrants are damaging this country or the people of this country.

No, that is not the way to look at it. If you look at it that way, you are looking at a symptom, the symptom being the immigrants destabilizing terror. If you look at the real issue, which is self-hatred, than you know that the immigrants are simply a mirror for a very large issue the US has with shame. The US is ashamed of its past as immigrants. The illegal immigrants remind them of something they want to forget.

There has been so much judgment of underdeveloped countries and indigenous peoples that the US would want to pretend they were never an underdeveloped country nor had indigenous peoples. Look at how the Native Americans are treated and enclosed in limited spaces as if they had the plague…Another sign of hierarchy.

So those in this country, who want the illegals to go, are really dealing with not wanting to “see” what they or their ancestors used to be? Can there really be that much shame?

I have to say that you little dolphins are sounding judgmental to me. Am I mistaken?

No, you are not centered on the subject. You come from compassion and pity and seeing economic realities. We come from assessment, which is not judgment, of the situation, with awareness that the attitude that is pushing the issue is an attitude of shame. And you know that shame is the lowest and most damaging emotion that an aura has to deal with.

Therefore, while the issue remains alive, the aura of the US is being badly damaged, more by the shame of the people rejecting the immigrants than the terror of the immigrants.

 Let me add it up: we were ashamed of how we abandoned the people during Katrina, we are shamed of what we did to Iraq and now we feel shame when we see immigrants.

You are looking at the reasons this country is deteriorating in its strength and power. It does not matter how much money in the bank, how many nuclear weapons, how much economic clout and technology, the shame deteriorates the very foundations of the energy of the country. That is why this country would prefer to close itself up to “foreigners”, to avoid the shame.