Mercury Retrograde

Why are you influenced by planetary energies?

What part of your aura receives planetary energies?

Where do the bodies hide in between lives?

This question is of vast importance as it is the reason people keep a lot of their characteristics lifetime to lifetime.

The planet energies are part of what is captured and drawn into the top of the funnel of your  causal body, the intentional body. The Chinese would call it heaven energy and they are right, as most consider the planets to be part of heaven.

The Planets have a type of energy  of a quality that cannot be sustained or captured in dimensions other than the causal/intentional dimension. Remember, you choose your sign and chart to align with your intentions, as you choose all  your lives and their details to align you with your intentions. So it is the intentional/causal energy  body that receives the planetary energies.

During Mercury Retrograde, a natural filter that is in place to collect or block “bad” energy is missing. It slips out of place and energies that are interfering and not supportive of your intentions, enter the intentional/causal body, causing the mix ups and traumas of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is an important time in the human cycle as it reveals weaknesses in the person intentional path. So even though Mercury Retrograde is negative and difficult, it has it reason for being: revealing weaknesses and black holes in the person’s life that could block them from achieving their intentions.


The planet Venus has a special place in its entry into the human system. It enters into the front fontanel, to be deeply inserted in the life of the person. Some of the planet energies enter at different angles of the causal body, such as Mercury that enters near the feet.

The causal body does not extend to the feet, but the mindstreams that extend to the feet are what get the energy of Mercury.

The Sun

Most important of all is where the energy of the Sun enters. It is the only Planet that enters in all parts of the causal/ intentional body. It is part and parcel of the entire causal body. It sustains all life in the causal body.

Where do you go when you die?

Did you know that as the person dies after an incarnation, they collect themselves back deeper into the dimensions till they finally get back down to the causal/ intentional dimension? There they enter the causal/intentional body and rest, till it is time again to reenter the karmic cycle.

At this point in written human history, the causal/intentional body is ending its usefulness as a resting place between lives and as a central support during a lifetime. The causal body will cease to exist as a “hiding” place for spirit in between lives. Spirit will forever be released to freedom and released from restrictions.