Psychic: The Future is Elastic and Plastic

The Future is Elastic and Plastic

Advice to Other  Psychics

When I read the future for my friends and clients, I remind them that the future is elastic and plastic. I tell them that what I just read is the future that is in place at that time. And it is a future that is a result of choices that they make. If they do not like the future I see, then I guide them to understanding that they can change it, if they make new choices. This is a shift from how I worked years ago, when we were all victims of a lack of information about the Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction.

Letting the client know that they have more power than they think they have, should be in integral part of your sessions with them. Refer them to the book The Secret and books on the Law of Attraction. Make sure you have read them yourself, so that you can be part of the solution and not part of the old paradigm where fate was so easily accepted and people did not know they could change anything they set their minds to change.