Secret Doorway to Hell


Secret Doorway to Hell

At this point most people know we have seven chakras: base, sexual, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. These are energy centers that are part of the human mind and deal with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues of personality. Generally, when we get or give energy healings, we are clearing these chakras.

Did you know that you have a second major set of chakras? Not the smaller chakras that are in many parts of the body, but a second set, under the base chakra? I have known of these for years, after reading about them in a book called…..I understand that the reason most “nice” people are not taught about this set of chakras is that the manipulation of these chakras is a very powerful way to control people. So the “nice” guys who brought this esoteric (secret) information into the Western world, decided not to release this part of their knowledge.

This is the reason why many people can have countless healings, energy work, therapy, body work, etc. and yet never really heal. Damage at this level seems to put the person in a loop of depression, rage, despair, that the person has a very hard time getting out of.

There is a doorway, or entryway into the top seven chakras that separate the “hell” of the lower chakras from the normal issues of the top chakras. That doorway has a name: Brahmahvara. I have only heard of this entryway from the same book that gave me the information about the lower seven chakras.