Sex with a Spirit

Sex During Sleep May Not Be What You Think

A lot of what goes on in your mind and emotional makeup is due to outside influences of someone’s astral body attached or hanging out near your assemblage, bringing with it their issues and problems.  It is possible that your dead grandmother that loved you so much can be attached to your assemblage. Her emotions and mental state at the time of her death is looping non-stop inside your assemblage making it feel that your depression is endless and irresolvable. The astral body (some call it the spirit) of your little brother that died when he was two can also attached to your assemblage, causing you to obsess about losing a child or a grandchild.

A Spirit

I had a radio show where people would call in. A woman called asking about her health; she has a heart condition. I always look for the original injury, the generator of the issue, in this case the why she had a heart condition. I usually sketch the caller’s energy field while I talk to them on the radio. In this case I sketched what you see below. The drawing intrigued me. I asked her if she ever been caught in a crisis between two men. Intuitively I knew that two men were paying too much attention to her, each trying to control her. I imagined it was two boyfriends or a husband and a lover…something like that. When I see those triangles, I know it means that someone is paying a lot of attention to the person, even if one or both are dead. In this case, two out of the three people were dead, yet the dynamics continued.

She told me yes, that years ago, when she still lived in Cuba under Fidel Castro, her husband wanted to leave the country to live to Miami. He wanted her to come with him. She was very close to her father, who doted on her. He was old and unable to leave the country. For several years she was caught between her husbands wanting to leave Cuba and her father wanting her to stay. Her father did tell her she should follow her husband but emotionally and spiritually, his messages told her the opposite. Energetically, the two men were fighting for control over her. The husband won, she decided to come to Miami with him. Her father died a year later, she felt of a broken heart.

Dead 38 years ago but his spirit still having sex with her

When I spoke to her on the radio, her husband had died 6 years prior, her father had died 38 years ago. Why did I see the two men fighting over her, affecting her heart? Because in the other dimensions time is neither linear nor sequential, everything is happening now! Those two men had their spirits fighting over her even before they died. Her move to Miami, her father’s death 38 years ago, her husband’s death 6 years prior, did not erase the trauma, damage and dynamics that were still going on in her aura. And of course, her heart condition worsened with age.

She volunteered that she had a massive depression since leaving Cuba that got worse after the husbands death. With what had happening between the trio over the decision to leave Cuba and their non-stop yanking of her in the other dimension, even after their death, she was emotionally limping.

This type of trauma leaves the person very vulnerable to injury, such as the heart condition and spiritual injuries, such as depression. She said her husbands’ spirit was often by her side and even continued to have sex with her. She was in her sixties…

Sex with Spirits

Her husband died a traumatic death, as did her father. If it was her husband having sex with her, it was due to the “guidance” of the higher echelon of evil spirits that wanted to keep her broken. Sex with a spirit is very debilitating, and our loved ones would not do that to us if they understood the consequences to us.

We recommended

I gave her the mantra, Even though I am depressed, I love and accept myself. for the depression and sent her home with the Depression and Liberation Formula and the Tibetan Sacred Music CD to clear the energies of her home. When I spoke to her days later she did feel much better. Within weeks, she volunteered that she felt a 50% improvement in her moods and her physical health was also improving.