Don't Overuse Your Throat Chakra…

throat, face, handsIssues of the Sexual Chakra

Dis-empowering the sexual chakra by overusing the throat chakra

There is a connection between the second, sexual chakra and the fifth, throat chakra.

What happens to one affects the other. The results of this connection are fascinating:

1. If you overuse your voice, you debilitate your sexual chakra.

2. If you have trauma in the sexual chakra, you can have a weak or unusual voice.

3. If you are overly creative, you can use up the energy of the sexual chakra in creative versus sexual.

4. If someone grabbed you by the throat when you were young, it may be affecting your level of sexual energy

5. If someone told you to be quiet when you were young, it may be affecting your sex drive

6. If you talk on the cell phone too much,  the radiating microwave  burns  up the energy of the sexual chakra and  you   add too much of the element of fire to the throat chakra, which also deteriorates the sexual chakra

7. If you text a lot, the position of the radiating cell phone allows it to directly radiate your sexual chakra, affecting your throat and your ability to communicate and also to hear

Sexual Chakra and Throat Chakra

These issues are very real, so pay attention to how you use the energy of both chakras  in your daily life. This connection between these chakras may solve some mysteries for you….

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