Sexual Vampires

Sexual Invasion

We lock our doors at night to be protected, but  beyond using condoms, we have not known enough to set up protection for our sex life. Because of our lack of awareness of their influence, we do not purify our bedrooms and beds of bad energy. Case in point: Did you clear your bed of your last sexual partner? Did you clear out the energies of insecurity when your mate struggled to get an erection? Did you clear your bed and bedroom of your exhaustion from overwork?

Sexual Vampires

12 Years of Sexual Connections

You have 72,000 mindstreams, little nadis, rivers  of energy that move  the energy of your mind  from one energy body to another and one dimension to dimension. All your chakras are composed of thousands of these mindstreams. We could write an entire book about them but the point here is that these mindstreams in your sexual chakra control your sexual health and your free will.

All  mindstreams have five extensions at the end of each one of them, like the five fingers of your hands. And they do just what your five fingers do, they grab onto things and also people. It has been said that when we have sex with someone, our mindstreams penetrate their second chakra and their mindstreams penetrate ours. It has been said that those psychic connections can last up to 12 years, often many years longer than the actual relationship.

Those mindstreams are a type of psychic vein that move energy that flow back and forth. When you connect sexually to someone, you connect your life to theirs and their life to yours.

That connection can bring you that person’ depressions, rages and also bad luck! Those mindstream connections are the reason you cannot stop thinking about someone you fell out of love with and why you “know” when something very bad is happening to a person you had sex with. And it is also the reason that if you decide to move on and have another sexual partner, the previous partner will mysteriously somehow know…

Years ago I had a TV show where I sketched the auras of the people who called in. One show was dedicated to sex. A caller asked me to sketch her in regards to her menstrual cycle, her heavy bleeding and incredible aches and pains (PMS). What I sketched astounded me. She had so many mindstreams from different men entering her sexual chakra that it looked like a bowl of spaghetti! And the energy coming through was of rage, desire that she fail, hatred, and possessiveness. OH, and also bad luck!

Being “fed” bad luck

I asked her how many men and what quality men she had had sex with that she should energetically and other dimensionally be such a mess. And what was that bad luck about? Her response was revealing. She used to have sex with lots of men and that a couple of them were in jail! And some of them disliked her…We did not need to say much more as it was obvious from the sketch that we did not need to look further for the reason her sexual chakra was “sick”, sickening her physical body.  She was “filling up” with hatred and bad luck and would continue, unless she did a lot of purification of that chakra.

Purifying Bad Luck and Anger

At that time I did not know what I know today so all I asked her to do was monitor the men she choose to sleep with, trying to not “fill up” with any more bad energy and to take a lot of tub baths with Epson Salts. Today I would have had her detoxifying her house, her bedroom and her bed every day. Today I would have her constantly spraying Liberation Formula of flower essences that releases you from other people’s energy, and spirits helping to unhook those darn mindstreams!  And the Protection Formula, which helps to protect you from invading energies. And our Coconut Aromatherapy which pushes spirits away and adds a good vibration to the bed. And I would also have her constantly Playing the Tibetan Sacred Temple Music in the bedroom.

Vampire Prevention!

Please don’t allow this information to stop you from having sex, but if you find that the people you meet have really big problems, assess whether it is really worth it to you to “connect” and live those problems for the next 12 years! And be careful about pointing fingers or blaming, because they too will be “carrying” you for a long time.

Truthfully, the remedy, besides being thoughtful about sexual partners, is purification rituals which can and will release you from these sexual ties that can be literally called vampirism!

This is an excerpt from Frances’ latest book in Spanish called  Sexo La Puerta A Dios being published by PAX in Mexico next month, March 2012.

The book can be downloaded  in English as a free Ebook called Sex The Big Turnoff on this site next month.

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