Why Shark Attacks ?

Animals “Use UP” Our Aggression….


I am often asked why sharks attack and were the sharks attacks the summer before 9/11 a coincidence? Any answers?

There are no coincidences in the world. There is a reason for everything , including shark attacks. The attacks before 9/11 were part of a process of trying to absorb and play out the excess violence and range on the planet.If the records are checked carefully, it was not only sharks that were unusually aggressive towards humans.

The transference of energy in mass hysteria can also include the transference of energy of a desire to kill another human. Often animals “used up” this energy so as to give the planet or places some relief from the pressure of that desire to kill.

When you see an aggressive animal, look to a human close by for the origination of the aggression. Don’t  blame animals if their habitats are invaded, for defending their spaces. But when animals, such as sharks, attack in numbers that are unusual, look to the desire for violence in humans.