Mel Gibson: Signs of Spirit Attachment, Possession


Do you have a spirit attached? Welcome to the

club…..Mel Gibson

8-17, 2007

How do you know if you have attachments? Spirits attach to people, bringing to the person qualities that the spirit had while alive and also when it died. The thoughts, emotions, inclinations and even personality traits can be transferred from the spirit to you. The range of traits and issue is as wide and varied as the traits humans have. But there are some characterizes that stand out.

Any characteristic that you have that is an extreme or an exaggeration can be a sign of a spirit attachment or possession. If you or anyone is extremely depressed or angry, that is usually a sign.  If the depression or anger is inappropriate for the current circumstances, that is a sign. If it feels like something or someone pushed a button and you became wild or “lost it”, that is a definite sign of attachment or possession. These are a few of the symptoms of spirit attachment:

*Panic attacks

*Depressions that won’t go away

*Anger that is inappropriate for the circumstances (Mel Gibson?)

*Fear that is inappropriate for the circumstances


*Unnatural inclination that you would prefer not to have (Mel Gibson?)

*Personality traits that you would prefer not to have (Mel Gibson?)

*Excess hair on your body, whether you are born this way or acquire the hair in later years; (when you release an entity the hair goes away or diminishes)

*Radically different parts of your personality not compatible with “who you are” (Mel Gibson?)

*Involuntary movement of a part of your body: a twitch of the eye, an arm that stays in a position you did not choose

*A snarl on your face that you try to change and it keeps changing back ( Mel Gibson?)

*Your facial expression changes when you touch on a certain issue or subject (Mel Gibson on his wife)

*Convulsions, epilepsy, tics

*Change in facial expressions, change in body language, body movement (Mel Gibson)

*The most obvious sign is the feeling of a presence; sometimes our pets can  warn   us about that presence through body language that “something, someone” is there

We recommend:

It only took 10 years to to put together a strategy to release spirits. It includes mantras and ourPurification Collection, which includes mantras and mudras. It works and you will know it within 2-3 days of using  both the mantras and products. You may also find you sleep better and your relationships improve.

The mantra is:

Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will.

Why that choice of words? Because spirit attachment and spirit possession takes away your free will.

Repeat the mantra  silently 50 times a day  with rhythmic breathe.