Six Steps to Protect You From the Violence That Entered the Last Day of the Mayan Calendar

Six Steps to Protect You From

 the Violence That Entered Planet Earth the Last Day  of the Mayan Calendar


How You Can Absorb More Light And Avoid the Darkness 

We end the Mayan Calendar on the 21st and begin a new cycle on the 22nd. It was foretold it would be difficult. Planet Earth is now aligned with the Galactic Tree of Life, which is showering us with light but also with the Dark Rift a super massive black hole at the base of the Tree, which is pouring evil unto us. Here you will find the six steps to protect you from the violence of the Mayan calendar.

 These are recommendations on how to align with the incredible level of light entering the Planet and how to avoid or purify the incredible level of evil being poured onto us.

  • 1. Closing your door to the underworld
  • 2. Filling up on the 4 elements of nature
  • 3. Purifying a “wanting to kill” energetic plague invading our minds
  • 4. Add the protective  vibration of Coconut to your life
  • 5. Protect your neck from invasion
  • 6. Protect your left shoulder from invasion

More details on the recommendations below:

1. Closing Your Brahmahvara, your portal to the underworld

The bottom of your chakra system is particularly vulnerable to invasion from the Dark Rift miasms. Do the following visualization several times a day and also consider doing it surrogate for the other important people in your life:

Visualize   your secret doorway called the Brahmahvar 2 inches below the root chakra (in-between your genitals and your anus). Visualize yourself shutting the door t to the underworld as you silently chant these words:

I am powerful and can block the entrance to my being simply by wanting it, visualizing it and feeling it.

Repeat throughout the day and if the world goes into a crisis as predicted, repeat obsessively

2.The Four Elements Are All You Need

If you spend enough time outdoors and your mind is not fried by radiating electronics you will not need protection from the invading evil energies. Get out doors, go to the beach, go on picnics, play tennis, and stay away from radiating electronics.

3. “Wanting to kill’ Energetic Plague Invading Your Mind

Evil spirits are pouring into the Planet because of the alignment with the super massive black hole the scientists call the Dark Rift and the Mayans called Xibalba, the path to the underworld. If you have thoughts of “killing”, know that is part of the darkness being poured onto the planet. We suggest you repeat this mantra with rhythmic breath at least 50 times a day:

Please God help me with my intention to heal my desire to kill vasanas.

A vasana is a deep rooted impression on the mind, and your vasana could have been a buried traumatic memory of when your father beat you and you were so angry you wanted to kill him, or someone raped you and you wanted to kill him, or someone stole your husband and you wanted to kill, or someone killed your favorite politician and you wanted to kill, or someone hurt your kid and you wanted to kill. These are normal reactions you never allowed yourself to follow through on but remain buried in your subconscious. The Law of Attraction dictates that you magnetize to you what is in your mind, even if it is deeply buried and in this case, you had no real intention of “killing”.

Discuss this with your children as they also are being invaded.

 4. Coconut Vibration Protects You

Everything carries a vibration. That is the basis for the Law of Attraction. Spirits, evil and darkness do not like the vibration of the Coconut, which Lord Vishnu brought to Planet Earth to help protect humans. We suggest you incorporate the vibration of Coconut into every inch of your life and your body. Some suggestions to add Coconut to your life:

Coconut aromatherapy, Coconut room atomizer, photos of art of the Coconut, Coconut water, Coconut body oil, Coconut crèmes, coconut shampoo, etc

We particularly recommend you rinse your mouth with  food grade coconut oil at night before going to bed and in the morning. Spirits invade us heavily as we relax our energy bodies and defenses at night.

 5. Protect Your Neck From Invasion

Your neck is particularly susceptible to spirit invasion. Please read this article to find out why your neck is vulnerable and must be protected

We have secret openings/portals in the back of the throat chakra, called the Knot of Shiva. If this portal is broken, it allows entry of the worst spirits, the incubus and succubus. These spirits can only enter through that portal. You may have inadvertently  weakened this portal and your throat chakra with the microwave radiating  from your cell phone weakening them and their natural ability to protect you. Black magic and curses also break open this portal.

 6. Protect Your Left Shoulder From Invasion

Read this article on the importance of protecting your left arm and neck. The upper left quadrant of your body/aura is where the Golden Age energies enter Planet Earth. It is there that the magic can be found: