Spirits, Defined…


The Dolphins About Spirit Attachments, Possessions

On January 17, 2006 I asked the Dolphins, via mental telepathy or interspecies communications, to talk about spirit attachments and spirit possession. This is what they had to say:

Spirit Possession

Spirit possession is when the person is so used to leaving his body that the usual energetic safety nets for the union of the bodies is broken, It makes it easy for a spirit to come in and sometimes to stay in. Most of the time the spirit comes and goes, having several if not dozens of people they possess. Moving locations, moving from a home is a relatively easy way to leave behind some possessions.

Memory Loss

Possessions happen to people who severely disassociate on a regular basis, but disassociate to where they do not carry back the memory of what happened when they disassociated. So memory loss is a sign of possession, including old age memory loss. Old age memory loss is a sign the person does not inhabit their body and some other spirit does.
Possessing spirits are full time spirits. They do not have physical bodies at all. They may never have had a spirit body, at any point. But at the time of the possession issue, that spirit is not incarnated.

Spirit Attachment

Spirit attachment is much more common and much more complicated. Why? Because you can have a spirit attachment of someone who is alive, or of someone who died. Any given person with some trauma in their life can have many spirit attachments. People with a lifetime of trauma, people who have been in wars, people who live on cemetery land, people who work in hospitals can have dozens of attachments. The number of attachments relates to the level of disassociation. That means that air signs or people who disassociate normally will have more attachments. People who experience trauma where a lot of spirit bodies are looking for new homes, they would get more attachments. So someone who works in an emergency ward, and who disassociates would have more attachments.

The X Factor: Disassociation

The Dolphins talk about the issue of disassociation in relation to spirit attachments and spirit possessions. And the original Lord’s Prayer shows us the relationship between evil and not being in the present. Not being in the present is another way of saying you are disassociated. Evil influence is taken care of by being in the moment, not disassociating.

We recommend a mantra and Aura Purification Spray

From our flower essence collection:

Our Aura Purification Spray is formulated to “wake up” spirits from disassociation, so they can release and stop bothering you or destroying your life. We used to call it Spirit Evolution but unfortunately too many people associate spirits with people who are crazy or associate it with “deveil”. We changed the name, because we know what Christ knew, you need to release the spirits to be able to heal. Remember “cast out spirits”.?
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A mantra
We recommend that you change the vibration of you   home so that spirits cannot stay and that you deal with whatever broke your aura that allowed the spirit to attach.
Mantras are very effective at released spirits. We suggest this mantra if you do not know what “broke” you allowing the spirit to attach:

“Please God help me with my intention to release and heal”.

Repeat this mantra in silence with rhythmic breathe 50 times a day