Spirits in Hospitals

Spirit attachment during the birthing process

I am sad to report that if you could see what I see, you would insist that the conditions under which your child be born be very different than the delivery section of your hospital. To deliver a child in the same, sick building that old and ill people inhabit while they are dying does not make any sense, unless you purify and clear the other dimensions of the wandering spirits and also the emotions and thoughts of the people who stay there.

I was almost physically ill when one of my children delivered her last child. She gave birth in a room set up for delivery, and then stayed in that room with the child for the rest of the hospital stay. The area above her pelvis, where all the activity of birthing, together with pain and fear are, was a continuation of dimensions. In other words, the walls between dimensions, which create orderly flow from one dimension to another, those walls did not exist!

Portals to other dimensions

Theses walls keep out energies and spirits that should be controlled. Apparently all the fear and pain of the birthing process of so many women, with no repairing or clearing of these energies, have broken the walls between dimensions, eliminating a natural protection the birthing mother and unborn child should have! This unnatural opening has a name, it is called a portal and you usually find them in houses that are haunted, houses where bad things tend to happen.

We have no way of knowing how much of the mothers post partum depression or health issues of the mother or newborn are due to negative spirit influence. In the future, when we are more aware of these unseen factors in hospital settings, we will have less medical emergencies during the birth of children. Below is another sad story that is entirely too typical of issues with a child that were created by conditions surrounding his birth.

Don’t go to a hospital if you are mad or tired….or sick

On occasion I am invited to do a segment on a television show. On this particular occasion, I had a producer and a cameraman and their assistants in my home, taping a show. I was out of sorts, and needed to settle down to ensure a good shoot. So I volunteered to heal the hand of the producer’s assistant. She had hurt her hand doing a shoot at a hospital the day before and was struggling to do her job, the pain was so great. When I do a healing, I calm down, so the healing was as much for me as for her. I was astounded when I saw a very large eye in her hand (in the other dimensions). I only see an eye when the attached spirit is one of the really heavy duty ones, a spirit I call one of the “bad guys”…

When I checked, through intuition, I found that the spirit had attached to the assistant’s right hand because her aura was broken on the right hand. And what broke the right hand aura was the anger the assistant had when someone in her family asked/demanded money. The anger was what broke the aura of her hand. But why the right hand? Because the right hand and arm have to do with the energy of giving, not receiving, but giving. And in this case someone was demanding she give money, which she did not want to give. It is not important to know whether she actually gave the money or not, it is important to know that her reactive anger at being asked/demanded to give the money is what broke her aura, allowing the space for the spirit to enter.

The assistant was astounded for several reasons: she could not figure out how I could know that she was angry at being asked for money; she did not know that being in a hospital with a broken aura is not a good idea; that the right hand controls the energy of giving; and that an attached or invading spirit can create such intense pain.

The pain and stiffness in her hand diminished 90% the moment the spirit was released. I knew that if the spirit had not been released, the assistant would possibly have needed surgery.

If you are also astounded, then I need to remind you that the original medicine men and women on the planet first released spirits in sick people. After releasing the attached or invading spirits they then proceed to heal the patient. The detriments of spirit attachments are not new information on the planet.

But wait, the story is not over! When the producer saw what I had done with her assistant, she asked if I could help with her pain. She had a backache since the prior day. I gave her a healing, but I did not find an attachment, only negative astral particles of anger. The attached anger was causing her pain and when I cleared some of it, she felt a lot better. Something (instinct) had me ask where she was when the pain started. I should have expected the answer: she was in the hospital with her assistant! In her case, her aura was broken because of exhaustion. Both she and her assistant entered the hospital with broken auras and left the worse for it.