Sudden Change in Mood? Spirit Attachment?

We are being invaded by spirits

and it is getting ugly

November 15, 2010

For several weeks my horoscopes have predicted an augmentation of chaos and violence. This week the horoscopes, that are as much “news” to me as to you when I write them, predicted that the veils between the spirit world and our life on the physical dimension would merge now. And so it has been…

I am getting many calls from frantic clients who are dealing with aggressive spirit attacks and invasions. One of the clients “knew” the exact moment when the spirit attached and since that “moment”, she has exhibited and felt many of the characteristics of spirit invasion and attachment. (Symptoms of spirit attachment

Frances Being Attacked By A Spirit

If you want to witness how different your life can be from one moment to the next, look at the video Haunted Apartment on our page It is in Spanish but we are currently working on English subtitles. In this video I am visiting an apartment for a second time. The owner had already started her purification process with our products, but unfortunately she lives in a building, which is constructed on top of wetlands, the Everglades. Remember that there are two settings for horror movies and haunted movies: cemeteries and swamps! Wetlands, including reclaimed land from the Everglades, are natural cemeteries and we are not supposed to live there!

I knew that was an issue with the apartment, the same way I knew that our products were not going to “take care of” the issue. That is why I went back. Little did I know that the spirits were waiting for me and attacked me just a few minutes after I entered the home?

What do I mean by the word “attack”? If you watch the video you can see that as I am describing how the spirit is challenging me and then I say that it is draping itself around my waist. At that point, you can see the fear on my face.

I am a strict disciplinarian: when I am supposed to be working, I work, even if I confront a personal challenge, such as the fear I was feeling when I saw that “thing” come at me. My disciple helped me to continue talking, very much in control of my body and my words.

Within a couple of minutes, I burst out crying and continued throughout the rest of the taping! I could control my body but I could not control my sadness. It was not till I went to edit the tape that I realized that the sadness was from the spirit that had attached to my solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra of emotions!

The spirit was very sad and when it attached, I went into uncontrollable sadness. Very good drama and story for television, I know. But that sadness was not mine yet I felt it as if it was. At that point I was into a melancholy where I just wanted to die.

I went to sleep crying that that, as did the cameraman and the producer was not in such great shape either! We all commented that we had “picked up” something in the apartment that made us very sad. What we had all picked up was a sad spirit, and if we had not discussed what we felt openly, we all would have thought our tears had to do with our personal lives. And if I had not taped the happening, I would not have realize that my tears were not mine, but a spirit, even though I was the one crying.

This is what happens to you when you go from being and feeling OK to falling into a deep depression or a rage, from one moment to the next. You just picked up a spirit attachment, or a spirit picked you to attach to. It is called a psychic attack and it can change your destiny forever if you do not practice routine purification.

Mel Gibson

The next time you suddenly fall into a deep depression, even if it has happened before, or you go into a rage, even if you do that all the time, remember these words: that rage is not yours, that depression is not yours, but while the spirit remains attached, it is! Perhaps we now know  how people can go from being nice and sweet, to killing. Perhaps that is Mel Gibson’s problem…

PS There is good news. The spirits asked for our compassion and our prayers, that we pray that they go to the light! Perhaps we could pray that the spirits that “change” Mel from the guy we love to the monster we have witnessed, go to the light.