Talisman for Protecion

Spirit Protection

 Talisman Fox 

The Fox Talisman necklace helps protect and repair the aura, especially the throat chakra and sex chakra. This talisman protects against the influence of the worst spirits. The crystal is of Labradorite with lithium. Buddhist monks blessed them and Frances programmed them to increase their protection and purifying energies.

Protects your  throat  chakra

We have secret openings or portals in the back of our aura called Granthi. The Granthi in the back of the throat chakra, the back of the neck, is called the Knot of Shiva. If this portal is broken, it allows entry of the worst spirits, the incubus and succubus. These spirits can only enter through that portal. This  Talisman can protect you from these spirits.

You may have inadvertently have weakened  broken this portal and your throat chakra with the microwave  radiating  from your cell phone weakening them and their natural ability to protect you. Black magic and curses also break open this portal.

Protects your sexual chakra

The trauma of sexual abuse, impotence, frigidity, PMS, problems of the prostate, uterus, ovaries or any other problem associated with the sexual chakra can be in indicator that this portal is vulnerable to invasion. The spirits that enter can destroy your life and your intentions. The Fox Talisman rejects the spirits and negative energy that can invade the sexual chakra.

Protects you from black magic, curses and evil eye (brujeria hechizos)

In Hinduism it is known that the throat chakra is the entry point for black magic and curses. This Talisman is an effective protection against bad energies. It will not remove curses but it will soften the effects and it has the ability to ward off future attacks as it fortifies the neck chakra which is the entry point of these energies.

Protects you from  electro stress

This talisman helps reduce the electro stress, weakening of the aura due to excessive electromagnetic radiation. Use of this talisman is extremely important today because it can help protect your throat chakra from deteriorating due to the microwave radiation from your phone and all your other wireless devices. Below are what sketches of the auras of people who have used their cell phones too much or carried them on their bodies, opening portals to other dimensions, allowing spirits to invade.

Using the Talisman medallions as recommended below can help to repair the damage done to your sexual chakra due to the radiation from your cell phone.

Protects you from depression, tantrums, anxiety…

This Talisman has the element lithium, which is used to control a mental condition often referred to as the bipolar or manic or depressive. According to my psychic research, being bipolar means that the person is possession by a spirit of the worst kind, those that enter via the throat chakra.

Helps with addictions

Addictions include an invasion of spirits. This talisman can help you stay in control, because it blocks out the spirits and forces that influence addiction.

Protects and purifies these conditions

These condition includes an invasion of spirits or spirit influence. This Talisman can help these conditions:

  • curses
  • black magic
  • Headaches
  • Somnambulism·
  • Sleepwalking
  • TMJ·
  • Rages
  • Suicide
  • Thyroid
  • Neck Pain
  • Nightmares
  • Impotence
  • Frigidity
  • Headaches
  • Electro stress
  • Neck Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Rage
  • Emotional Violence
  • Incubus spirits that attach to sexual chakra
  • Succubus spirits that attach to sexual chakra

How to use the Fox Talisman

If you wear this necklace around your neck 24 hours a day and use 2 medallions and you will be protecting both your throat/neck and the sexual chakra (which is two inches below the navel) at the same time. Remember, if the secret chakra, the Knot of Shiva at the back of your neck is broken, it automatically breaks the throat chakra, which automatically breaks your sexual chakra. By using the necklace and medallions to protect these two chakras, you are protected against these malevolent energies.

To protect your throat

Use it as a necklace 24 hours a day, only taking it off for bathing.

The throat chakra has extensions to the hands,  in between the fingers where they the join hands. If you wind  the Talisman around your fingers as shown below, it touches the neck chakra and protects it while you sleep. Clients have have observed That When They do this, their face and jaws are significantly less tense in the morning. If You have TMJ, or tension in the face or neck when to wake you up, then try this to see if it helps to relax your throat and neck.

Protects your sexual chakra

You can use the medallions to protect your second, sexual chakra, which is 2 inches below your bellybutton. Tape the medallions to the front and back of your body, two inches below the bellybutton.

To protect you from cemetery/hospital/funeral home spirits

There are places that are particularly susceptible to spirit invasion. They include places where people are very sick or have died, such as funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries. When you must go to a place of this nature, make sure you use all of your  Talisman to protect your aura against invading spirits looking for a new host.

What to do if it breaks: Do not throw it out  if it breaks! Put the loose stones the bedside or near your computer, because there is still emanating energy. The necklace does not break easily but if it breaks, replace it immediately

To clean the talisman

This talisman collects negative energies. We must purify every two weeks. Please put it in a glass with sea salt or table salt for 3 hours and then rinse. You can also put  it  your tube when you take a tub bath with sea salt and you purify your aura and talisman at the same time. Then rinse it.

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