Cancer Testimony: Frances Diagnoses the Emotional Root of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with skin cancer and receiving traditional medical treatment, I decided to seek alternative methods and seek consul with Frances Fox.

Fox explained that the root cause of cancer had an emotional component to it and one had to address and clear that in order for the cancer not to return. She told me that cancer is evident in the ethereal body two years  (approximately 24-27 months) before manifesting in the physical body and that it is often a traumatic event that included rage and a feeling of impotence, that occurs which then effects one on a cellular level.

After hearing this theory, I went and checked my calendar to confirm the date I was diagnosed and then looked forward approximately  two  and a half years earlier to see if I could remember any incidents that might have triggered this. I recalled a nasty encounter with my sister that threw me into a rage and since I thought it inappropriate to express such anger, I subsequently suppressed it.

Mantras to release the rage and impotence

I relayed this information to Fox, who confirmed that was the root cause of the cancer. She then proceeded to give me a series of mantras that eventually eradicated that anger and impotence. At that point, in conjunction with the medical protocol I was undergoing, the skin cancer ceased to exist.