Don't Neglect Your Energy Bodies! The Real 2012 Issue

Who are you?

More than you think you are and because you don’t really really know that, you are neglectful of you.

April 14, 2011
This is you, a person with a physical body.

You wash your body, you protect it with a house over its head and you take it to the doctor regularly. You try not to feel it trash because you know that will not work out long term. And you probably have well over 50 different products you use on this body, from more than one type of shampoo to hair conditioners, to toothpaste, to deodorant, to body cremes, to medicated lotions, to suntan lotions, to hand sanitizers, etc. Just check in your closets and drawers to see how many products you use to keep up with your physical body.

Your energy bodies

You have other “bodies”, energy bodies that are yours and stick around your physical body. When these energy bodies get sick, you don’t feel good and eventually you physical body becomes ill and your doctor gives you a diagnosis. But first that energy body became ill…

This is your energy body most connected to your health and closest to your physical body. It is called your etheric body and this is what it looks like:

This body is electromagnetic and it is literally being “killed” by your “convenient” electronic devices. Notice that it is like a grid. That grid shape is a a big part of your protection against bad energies and spirits. That protection is being burned off by your microwave radiating cell phone, wireless hand held games and WiFi. Keep a watchful eye on the quality of your environment, that it not have too much electrosmog. Good luck with staying well if you dont moderate the time you are being radiated because this body is the core of your immune system and your DNA. How many products do you use to help keep this body healthy? Probably not a single one!

This is another one of your energy bodies. It is called your astral/emotional body and it is the one that astral travels when you have a near death experience. It looks like this:

Your astral body is harmed by excessive repressed emotions, transference of emotions from others and big traumas. It has no protection other than you having the habit of processing your emotions and purifying your environment of your emotions and transferring emotions. What do you do to protect and purify this body? Talk therapy does not help a lot, unless your therapist likes it when you cry and scream…Aromatherapy works on this body as do flower essences. How many products or daily procedures do you do to protect this body? Probably very little…

It has been said that at some point, perhaps in December of 2012, you will leave behind your physical body, just like the Mayans did, and you will shift all your consciousness into your astral/emotional body, never to have a presence on the physical dimension again!

How is your astral/emotional body? Is it purified yet? The Hopi say that  we are in the final stages of purification on Planet Earth. How “purified” is your astral body? It is the most important part of you and it is what is going to be shifting in 2012 or perhaps even before.

Start protecting your etheric body so that it can protect you and purify your astral body. That is what you must do to prepare for 2012.