What happens to your spirit/astral body when you die

The death process is not a

simple case of “dying”

He and his sister had run a business together for over 35 years.  They were a very solid work team.  She passed four months earlier.  The reason that she decided to transition/die was that she had stopped working because she had a heart attack. She never recuperated from the open heart surgery, preventing her from doing her work properly. Because of her upbringing, her self-esteem came mainly through her work.  She was a gifted  artist in her work.  As she was becoming increasingly ill, life was difficult for her and for those around her. When she was in the hospital in a coma, she telepathically communicated to me that she had determined to leave (to die).  She was too unhappy.

 Astral Bodies can communicate through telepathy  

While she was in coma, I had several telepathic conversations with her astral body/vehicle and she spoke telepathically to others around her.  The difference was that I was consciously aware of the conversations, whereas the other people’s friends and relatives who held the telepathic information in their astral body/vehicle and were not consciously aware the communications were taking place. During these telepathic conversations with her “alive” brother, she  me there was a decision made. They decided that once she died  he would continue in physical form for another two years.  They had two  grandchildren that needed his support. 

 The first time I arrived by her bedside she begged me telepathically to help her make the decision: “should she should die at that point or should she should linger on for several days in order for her family to become used to the fact that she would not be with them?” I told her that was a decision she needed to make.  She suffered throughout the next several days with that choice, whether to stay a few days or whether to leave.  At times, she was very tranquil and at other times, she was frantic.  The people around her, those that were alive, were frantic or they were in a state of shock.

One morning she appeared in front of me and said, “I’m going to be leaving today.  It’s time.” That was all she said.  I decided to stop by the hospital before I went to work. When I arrived everybody  around her  empty hospital bed,  looked at me in surprise and said, “How did you know.  She just died an hour ago?” Of course, she had let me know that she was leaving.  The family was at peace.  It had been a difficult several days; they were expecting the ending.  The funeral was large, but uneventful.

The brother continued working at his job.  He was confused, very depressed, disoriented, but he did continue forward.  There was the telepathic subconscious agreement he had made with her.  He verbalize many times that he did not think he could continue to live, but he did. 

 Intentions Create Reality 

Almost two months to the day of her passing, he mentioned to a friend that he did not want to continue living.  The next morning he fell down a staircase.  He had broken his pelvis in dozens of places and broken many bones in his body.  We were all devastated.  Certainly, this is not the way we would have chosen for him to die.  I noted that only two months had passed since his sister died, not the two years and thought perhaps I had made a mistake. I remembered the agreement between him and his sister.  That day I went to visit him at the hospital but  I did not see him.  He was so damaged  the doctors were too busy trying to keep him alive. 

On my way, home he and his sister both appeared to me in spirit form.  His sister was in front of me to my left, bitterly reporting  that she knew that her brother did not have the discipline to keep the promise of staying on for two years.  This was characteristic of her.  She was a very disciplined person and did not admire lack of discipline in others.  So here she was, being her usual self, remembering what the agreement was and commenting a bit sternly, how someone had not been able to live up to his agreement.

Meanwhile his spirit was behind my right shoulder, begging me to help him to transition (die). I could see his spirit trying to escape from the right shoulder of his physical body.  His feet were caught. His astral body was out but the feet were trapped, and he was begging me to help him.  He did not want to stay. I asked him to wait until I arrived at my office where the setting would be appropriate for some type of ritual or ceremony.

The famous “White Tunnel” does exist 

My office is used for intuitive diagnosis, healings and energy work. I lit some candles and put it on some very soft music.  I had absolutely no clue as to what I was going to be able to do for the brother.  It was a fascinating experience.   Before I was able to get on my knees I found myself in a tunnel and, of course, at the end of it was  a tunnel of white light. 

To my right was the brother, crying.  I walked towards the light but he hesitated. I turned to him and said, “What is the matter?”  He responded, “I have not been a good man.  I cannot do this.  I’m afraid.”  And I said, “Of course you’ve been a good man.  Let me help you.”  And he said, “No, I can’t.”  I sat on the floor and he sat next to me, and we talked and he told me about the things that he had done.  It was a type of confession.  I explained to him what it is that I know about living on the planet in duality, about the dark side of us. He listened, but there was no change.  Suddenly, several people appeared and I recognized instinctively  who they were, his mother and his father and his brothers and sisters.  His wife also appeared to guide him towards the light.  He was ready when he saw them; they took his hand and walked with him in the direction of the light.

Intentions can change, even in the spirit world 

We need to remember that intentions can be changed. Because a choice is made at one point does not mean that it will or that it needs to continue in the future.  The intention of these siblings to have the brother stay behind for two years did not take place because the burden was too heavy.  The burden of staying alive was more than the gentleman could tolerate.  It was a good choice on his part to change that intention.  This flexibility and these changes are something that many are not aware of. We think that the spirit world, if it exists at all, is very cut and dry, that decisions are made, promises are made and they are kept. No so simple.  The spirit world with its array of astral bodies and entities has many of the same handicaps and liabilities and trials and tribulations as we have here in physicality.  I hope that this story will create a more in depth understanding of that.

Postscript: And he was still not fully “dead”

The brothers’ physical body lived for another 60 days!  When I was informed the next day that he was still alive, I felt like a fool.  How is it that he was escorted towards the light and yet he was still alive in the hospital?

I was furious.  How could I have misinterpreted or misunderstood all of that information and what I myself had witnessed?  I demanded an answer from my spirit guides, and was informed that his essence had left; what was left was his physical body and some percentage of consciousness. That would remain until the choice was made that his physical body no longer needed to be alive.  He was going to allow his family some time to get used to his death.

At this point, the medical profession said he had a new disease in addition to the growing tumor in his brain and his broken pelvis and his incredibly deteriorated body. He was declared to have dementia, which is considered loss of mind. Interesting that he still had a percentage of his consciousness still in physical form and his personality was still operational He could get cranky and melancholic and all the other emotions that one would have, living in his condition even though an essential part of him was gone. I did not return to see him at the hospital as I felt it was not necessary.  I could speak to him telepathically with a lot more satisfactory outcome.

Split between life and death

 As you can see from the above recount, we can be split many times between “life” and “death”.

As you can see, when we “die” an awful lot of what we are, does not die. We no longer have a body to use on the physical dimension; therefore we can no longer manage a life on the physical dimension. But we still have life in the other dimensions. This explains a lot of the mysteries surrounding the process of death.

2nd postscript” Now they became “ghosts”, spirits that haunt 

 Months after his death, employees of the business reported “seeing” the spirits of the brother and sister. The elevator of the factory opened mysteriously, in addition to other happenings due to the haunting… The spirits of the brothers ended up in the business location until a Buddhist monk was brought in to clear the locale with “purification ceremonies”.

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